0.13" Khiro Shock Pad - Soft Risers

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$4.25 USD
1 Quantity = 2 Risers, enough for a complete longboard.

Khiro Shock Pads are the industry leader in riser technology for longboard skateboard and that is why Muirskate.com carries only Khiro for risers.

Khiro Bob is definitely in a class of his own! Bob is always innovating and making his products better for us longboarders and street skaters. You can tell when you look at his selection.

He only uses the finest ingredients for his shock pads. That results in less stress cracking in your board and minimizes broken hardware. Taste one sometime. Most shock pads leave a gritty residue in your mouth, but not Khiro Bobs. His taste like Tangy Taffy!! Go with Khiro. We do!

NOTE: 1.25" Panhead/Flathead bolts are the most common length for a 0.13" Soft Riser.

***One package is enough for a set of TWO trucks (one skateboard)

Khiro's Description

Khiro Soft Risers are designed for the performance and dependability you need in a riser pad. Made of an extremely durable combination of materials, our engineers have perfected the formula for a riser that will withstand the hardest landings and roughest riding conditions. While most companies only make 1/8 risers and tell you to stack them! At Khiro, we saw the opportunity to fill your need to produce the highest quality strongest risers in a variety of thicknesses for all your riding needs.

Note: All Khiro Soft Risers are manufactured with old and new school hole patterns and the unique "Manifold" style design insures massive strength and performance!


Get the job done
on 2022-03-13 Verified Purchase
A1 sauce right here
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No Culture Shock
on 2021-10-03 Verified Purchase
These shock pads fit right in on any broad setup. Minty fresh.
Does great under pressure!
on 2021-04-25 Verified Purchase
Some soft pads are a little too malleable, but the Khiro's are just soft enough with a sturdy build
on 2021-01-19 Verified Purchase
Just what I needed
on 2017-01-24 Verified Purchase
small enough to put on a downhill or free ride board without having to sacrifice that low ride height. Dampens the chatter on rougher pavement and still provides the right amount of feedback from the road.
on 2016-08-15 Verified Purchase
They do the job well. All I can ask.