Vicious Custom Length Black Grip Tape Sheet - 11" Width

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Now you can grip your entire deck with the gripnastiest grip on this side of the quantum ellipsis!

Having a deck gripped from tip to tail with a Vicious Grip Tape sheet mean no more blaming a miffed predrift on not having enough grip.

Vicious Grip is the number one choice for many of the world's top professional downhill longboarders.

Vicious is intended to grip, and is designed to be easily applied on top of your already existing grip tape. If you're looking for grip tape that's good for dancing, pirouettes, and filing down your nails, look somewhere else. Now, if you're looking for grip tape that's good for completely locking your feet in place, pulling carefree standups during thunderstorms, or skinning an armadillo, get yourself some vicious.

Red: Medium coarse
Clear: Medium coarse
Black: Extra coarse

Throw this onto your freeride or downhill speed boards for the best result. When cutting Vicious, it is going to be a great idea to have a nice file and sharp blade on hand. Remember, sharp blades are less dangerous than dull blades.

Vicious's Description

Superior grip for cornering, freeriding, speedboarding and sliding, GET VICIOUS!
Vicious griptape: made specifically for longboarders.
Extra-coarse grit for maximum grip
High adhesion pressure sensitive backing can stick on top of your old grip
Flexible and contour forming – it works on all downhill deck designs without wrinkling
Wraps around edges
Water resistant


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on 2021-11-14 Verified Purchase
great stuff
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Vicious Custom Length Grip Tape
on 2021-10-12 Verified Purchase
This is the best grip tape I have used yet. There’s no way I’m losing my grip with this stuff!
on 2021-05-17 Verified Purchase
Nice and gripppyyyyy!
Normal ryartu2
Now I feel really stick to my board!!
on 2020-10-03 Verified Purchase
Great improvement for my DH/Freeride Board... I'm loving it right now!!
on 2020-05-28 Verified Purchase
Very coarse grip just what I was looking for have no problems keeping my feet stuck to the board no matter what I put it through.
very grippy
on 2020-04-20 Verified Purchase
super coarse but not to much. great grip and really locks you in on the board no matter what kind of board or riding style!
R.I.P my hands
on 2020-03-01 Verified Purchase
I applied it myself and cut my fingers so many times i was shocked to see how SHARP it was. But I’m much more confident as a beginner and can focus more on balancing my weight and on controlling my slides.
on 2020-01-30 Verified Purchase
Learned toe blunts off of this! Had it on my set up for almost half a year now and still shredding
great upgrade
on 2019-12-07 Verified Purchase
Really grips your shoe and makes it feel more safe and stable for going fast and leaning.
This griptape live up to it's name
on 2018-10-14 Verified Purchase
Insanely gritty, get this griptape if you want to feel locked on top of your board.
Easy to regrip
on 2018-08-31 Verified Purchase
Great choice to regrip over old grip tape. used it to refurbish my 88 Vision board. A little too coarse, but still great.
locked n' loaded
on 2017-09-30 Verified Purchase
I'm coming from blood orange grip, which is quite grippy in it's own right but dood.... Vicious Grip is the truth ok? Listen, doesn't matter how dirty or how worn this grip looks ok? This grip will hold you, I've skated in thunderstorms, on hot humid days, and with basically shoes that give no board feel. You will remain on board so long as your legs don't fail you.
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Best Stuff Out There
on 2017-06-09
I've been riding Mob grip for a while and somehow managed to trade for a fresh sheet of Vicious, and this stuff super glues your feet to the board. If you like grippy grip tape spend the extra few bucks.
Normal ramp riding
Vicious Black grip tape
on 2016-04-21 Verified Purchase
Ratings were correct! Superior grip and excellent backing!
Buy it!
on 2015-12-27 Verified Purchase
This grip tape is so grippy your feet won't be going anywhere.
All grip, no slip.
on 2015-09-19 Verified Purchase
Vicious grip will lock your feet down and ensures that they only move when you want them to. I have black or clear vicious on all of my boards and I love it! Will buy again.
on 2015-04-24 Verified Purchase
This stuff grips even after its been worn down lol but it does tear into your gloves while you carry your board back up hill
Locked in like Alcatraz
on 2015-01-04 Verified Purchase
This is my third time purchasing Vicious. And DAMN this stuff is nice and grippy.