Loaded Advanced Freeride Slide Gloves w/Pucks

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$60.00 USD

Loaded's new Advanced Freeride Gloves are the middle ground glove that falls perfectly in-between a serious leather race glove and a comfortable, light free-ride glove.

Featuring super light and pliable leather, these gloves feel more comfortable than any other leather glove we're experienced.

Reinforced in all the right places with double-layered leather and redundant adhesive attachment in addition to stitching, these super durable yet comfortable gloves are the perfect investment for a rider who's looking to get their money's worth on a new set of slide gloves.


To find out the right size slide glove, measure (in inches) around the circumference your hand, just below your knuckles (excluding your thumb). Next measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of your hand. We recommend using your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed, use the largest of these two measurements to find the right sized glove.

SM-M is less than 9" around the hand and less than 7.25" from wrist to tip of the middle finger.

L-XL is more than 9" around the hand and more than 7.25" from wrist to tip of the middle finger.

Loaded's Description

They're FINALLY back. We proudly introduce Version 2 of the Loaded Advanced Freeride Gloves w/pucks!

- High-quality goatskin leather
- Double stitching for durability in key areas
- Leather-reinforced knuckle protection with foam padding
- Leather reinforcement at fingertips and high-contact thumb regions
- Breathable mesh window on back of hand
- Internal Coolmax® wicking fabric
- Velcro strap accommodates a range of wrist sizes and cinches snug over sleeve cuffs
- Reflective trim along cuff and velcro strap for safety and visibility in - low-light conditions
- Ergonomic finger shapes for comfort and flexibility
Velcro palms
- Ultra-High Molecular Weight circular palm slide pucks
D-ring and hook
- Strategic colorway facilitates both Iron Man and War Machine cosplay


Expensive, maybe too much, but they work good
on 2022-02-18 Verified Purchase
My biggest complaint with these gloves is the lack of padding and durability, but they are otherwise constructed very well. These gloves have an absolutely tiny amount of padding on the knuckles which eventually gets shredded off if you accidently drag your hand along the ground during a bail. The leather tears rather easily, especially the outer layer, but so far the finger tips have held up VERY well amazingly. There is an extra layer of leather on the finger tips that helps protect against grip tape. The little vent is pretty nice too. The pucks are pretty small so expect some customization ahead of you. I do fine just moving them to the side though. Sadly I guess I just have super tiny baby hands lol, because even the smallest size is too big. There's about a quarter inch of free space on the fingertips with the gloves pulled all the way down, so I feel like Edward Scissorhands trying to grab things. Not a fault of Loaded, but be warned if you're really small like me.
on 2022-01-16 Verified Purchase
I bought two pairs of cheap "sliding gloves" off Amazon and they both got torn to pieces on my first session. These Loaded gloves, on the other hand, are truly well made and durable. The puck is too small for my taste but I 3D printed larger ones and I'm having a blast sliding all over the place! Was true to size according to what I expected