MuirSkate Speed Enhancing* Rectangular Sticker - Black

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Description Stickersssss! Slap just one on your helmet, deck, trucks, wheels, or t-shirt and increase your steeze by five whole radicals! WOW! Bam! Whupah! Siiiiiiick. Stickers! Yes.

*An increase in speeds may not be noticed right away. Stick with it and work on your technique and it'll happen soon enough!

MuirSkate's Description

10" L x 1.17" H
Black Text on White background / White Logo on Red Background


on 2020-05-02 Verified Purchase
the more the better
on 2020-05-01 Verified Purchase
stickers are always sweet
on 2020-02-19 Verified Purchase
on 2019-12-29 Verified Purchase
Since placing this sticker on my board I am now incredibly fast, my board is a chick magnet, my stoke levels are inhumanely high and I've yet to get bricked. These stickers are potent and powerful, place at your own risk.
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Yes it is I, enhancer of speed. How did you know?
on 2019-10-31 Verified Purchase
They're made of the good stuff and will stick to the corners with the help of a heat gun. I wish every color was available at the same time, though.