Orangatang Knuckles Longboard Skateboard Bushings Pack with Washers

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This is the ultimate upgrade to Orangatang's urethane family. Crafted from an unexpectedly awesomely rebounding urethane originally intended for the line of Orangatang wheels, the new Orangatang Knuckles are juicy, quick-turning little morsels that will serve as a great set of bushings for those of us interested in cruising, carving, or dancing with a bushing that bounces us back into place quickly.

Available in Orange (87a) and Purple (90a)

Please Note: These bushings work best with Paris Trucks, but can still work well with Randals and Bear Grizzly trucks!! f We DO NOT suggest using the Knuckle bushings with Calibers or Gullwing Chargers. Also, don't expect them to fit in Independent trucks. These bushings are intended for reverse-kingpin trucks.

Orangatang's Description

Crafted for quick turning response and smooth edge-to-edge transitions, Orangatang Knuckles are the ultimate high-energy bushing upgrade for carving, pumping, dancing, and freestyle longboarding.

Orange = Soft
Purple = Medium

What's in the box? Pack contains two insert barrel bushings, two gumdrop bushings, two large cup washers, and two small cup washers.

Diameter: 0.95” (24.1 mm)
Height (gumdrop): 0.64” (16.3 mm)
Height (inset barrel) 0.59” (15 mm) barrel + 0.075” (1.91 mm) insert = 0.665” (16.9 mm) total
Formula: Randy Thane
Durometers: soft (orange, 87a), medium (purple, 90a)

Soft: 65-190+ lbs / 29-86+ kg
Medium: 130-230+ lbs / 59-104+ kg


Instantly Better Riding!
on 2022-02-26 Verified Purchase
I have the purple ones, they are extremely comfy and stable for me in my mellow downhill riding. Carving is so much nicer and easier on these too! I would recommend a set if you still have stock bushings on your trucks if these fit.
on 2022-01-24 Verified Purchase
Picked these up to replace some 94a’s that my 10yo was having problems carving with. These soft orangutan knuckles fit the bill quite well.
They're grape!
on 2021-10-18 Verified Purchase
Honestly though, I have a set of Paris v2s, my friend tightened the bushings to nothing basically. I was uncomfortable on shape with a lot of other brands. Knowing these worked helped, and the trucks feel great now.
on 2021-01-29 Verified Purchase
good stuff
My favorite bushings to date
on 2020-07-05 Verified Purchase
These bushings are amazing. For certain applications of course. I like a loose, responsive truck. That is what these bushings accomplish. I use the orange ones and I'm about 145 pounds and for me, they're very soft. They feel amazing, even at high speeds they stay controllable and I don't wobble. These bushings allow me to keep a loose carvy setup without compromising my ability to go fast. There are some cases that this bushing would not be good for though. Beginners? Definitely not. Get something with more stability, these carve like crazy. Also, if you don't have risers or you have big wheels they might cause some wheel bite so be careful. If you're like me and like loose trucks at medium speeds (20-30mph) this is the bushing for you.
Not for beginner but nice
on 2020-01-30 Verified Purchase
I can't say these are bad, they are just not for me. At 140 lbs, I got the soft and man are these squishy. Fit great in my paris trucks but I ran into a lot of wheel bite since I don't run risers on my board. I would say if you dont run risers, stick with nipples or use a purple as you roadside bushing if you like the knuckles. Very playful but as a beginner I am just not ready for this type of bushing yet.
Worth every penny!
on 2019-12-08 Verified Purchase
I had some orange nipples on my icarus before these but the knuckles just shred so much harder! I got orange and they make the board so responsive and carvy! Fit my paris trucks perfectly and I haven't looked back!
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Carving masterpiece
on 2019-05-05 Verified Purchase
They work great on my Paris trucks, so much better than nipples. They turn tighter and harder than the nipples but still feel very stable and has a great back to center feel.
Thank you Otang!!!
on 2019-04-19 Verified Purchase
I dance/freestyle on caliber trucks and for dance honestly they felt stiff and lame even with blood orange 80a cones, didnt even compare to the feeling of Paris trucks. Knuckles are game changer in my Caliber II 50s, fits perfect and finally let's me flow and has tons of lean and rebound. Extremely happy other than having to rock orange again, all my boards have otang soft stuff so really sick of orange lol. Ignore sites description for these as far as Caliber II fit
Surprised me
on 2019-04-18 Verified Purchase
They would be 5 stars if they fit well in my paris trucks. They fit perfectly in caliber 50 and bear 852 trucks. Nice rebound with that extra bit of lean. I weigh 150 lbs and purple boardside with orange roadside feels great.
on 2019-04-12 Verified Purchase
Good bushings