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  • Width (in): 5.5"
  • Length (in): 5.5"
  • Spot Colors: 9
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Stoke Level: 100%
$6.95 USD
Available as a FREE Gift with any order over $35.00

The MUIRSKATE THAT-PHAT LANDYACHTZ Sticker Pack features some of your favorite LANDYACHTZ Brand stickers.

This high-resolution 9 color sticker pack feature eleven choice graphics great for helmets, longboards, notebooks, laptops, cell phones, and your Mom's shiny TESLA plastic bumper!

DIMENSION: 5.5" L x 5.5" W


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Sick as frick
on 2021-04-02 Verified Purchase
Vro these wheels are a dream. They slide so easily and even easier to hook back up a slide. Doing pendys with these wheels is a must.
on 2021-04-01 Verified Purchase
I love free stickers so thank you very much!! They'll be going on my laptop :)
on 2021-03-29 Verified Purchase
Speed stickers
on 2021-03-11 Verified Purchase
on 2021-03-08 Verified Purchase
Nice little touch from Muirskate
Sticker envy
on 2021-02-24 Verified Purchase
Can you ever have enough stickers?
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Free stickers?
on 2021-02-21 Verified Purchase
What else could you ask for
Love these stickers
on 2021-02-18 Verified Purchase
Not much I can say other than they are good quality stickers, I like the designs, and I love Landyachtz
on 2021-02-06 Verified Purchase
Love the designs
Great Stickers
on 2021-02-01 Verified Purchase
Thank you Muirskate for including this stickers!
on 2021-01-24 Verified Purchase
on 2020-12-24 Verified Purchase
stuck them all over my helmet and fridge man
Who doesn’t like stickers?
on 2020-12-08 Verified Purchase
Do I really need an explanation for some steezy stickers that come as a free gift? You can do anything with these and, personally, I love the “if you can read this, bump draft me” sticker. Stuck it right on the back of my helmet!
Cool stickers
on 2020-11-26 Verified Purchase
Appreciate the free stickers :)
Good service
on 2020-11-15 Verified Purchase
Muirskate has a good selection, they were responsive with emails and the wheels showed up on time. Nice way to do business. I'll be back to purchase more. :-)
Normal silverlongboarderface
Stick my sticker
on 2020-10-25 Verified Purchase
Have sticker will stick um
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on 2020-10-13 Verified Purchase
Great for sticker bombs
Awesome for being free
on 2020-09-05 Verified Purchase
Some of my favorite stickers here
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Madrid Harry Clarke Longboard Deck
on 2020-08-26 Verified Purchase
This deck is amazing. I want one for myself now.
Cool little ones
on 2020-08-02 Verified Purchase
I really like them but I thought they were bigger 😂😂
Normal jpeg 20200606 194535
Stick all the things.
on 2020-07-08 Verified Purchase
Little smaller than I thought the might be, but that ended up working out perfectly for what I wanted em for. Love the designs. Oh, and they stick to things with their sticky back like sticky stickers are supposed to do!
on 2020-07-04 Verified Purchase
Nice quality stickers for the board.
I love them
on 2020-07-02 Verified Purchase
i love these Stickers Thank you muirskate Five Stars
on 2020-06-27 Verified Purchase
High quality fun!
Normal resized resized 20201106 161525
Complete and Utter STOKE
on 2020-06-21 Verified Purchase
Every time I order I get nothing but the top notch service, whether the product, or the help with bushing options due to my weight, I weigh 270lbs. And you know what I will continue to support and order from muirskate, they have a lifelong customer from here in Bakersfield, CA. I appreciate this company so much.
on 2020-06-09 Verified Purchase
Nice variety of stickers
on 2020-06-05 Verified Purchase
Stickers were good quality
Cool stickers, got em for free.
on 2020-06-03 Verified Purchase
Sticky enough to get the job done and i like the designs.
Knee pads
on 2020-05-31 Verified Purchase
Love them 🔥🔥🔥🔥
He’ll yeah!!
on 2020-05-28 Verified Purchase
Thank you so much for a buttload if stickers, means a lot to decorate my other boards. Honestly, won’t be stickering the new deck. Gotta keep it clean
Normal homer
on 2020-05-25 Verified Purchase
They're great! Put 'em anywhere!
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Cool sticker set
on 2020-05-19 Verified Purchase
These stickers stick well, on my board, workbench, and helmets I found a place for all of them. Some really cool graphics in this pack, thanks for the free stickers with my order!
great stickers for anythings
on 2020-04-20 Verified Purchase
cool pack of stickers for anything from car to helmet!
Its free
on 2020-04-19 Verified Purchase
Why would u skip over this..i mean cmon
Love the Stickers!
on 2020-04-09 Verified Purchase
Thanks for the free stickers, look great on the new board!
They're stickers
on 2020-04-07 Verified Purchase
Free stickers are free stickers so that's cool
on 2020-03-27 Verified Purchase
They're good stickers
on 2020-03-26 Verified Purchase
10/10 i bought 5
Sweet "Gimme!"
on 2020-03-12 Verified Purchase
Awesome sheet of stickers! I always feel a bit like a kid when I have stickers... So yeah, nice bonus; thank you!
on 2020-02-09 Verified Purchase
no one bump drafted me but it still looks dope
on 2020-01-23 Verified Purchase
on 2020-01-06 Verified Purchase
Good stuff
on 2020-01-05 Verified Purchase
53 years old and my eyes twinkle when I get your stickers... OG
Stickers... what more needs to be said.
on 2019-12-26 Verified Purchase
A nice variety of brand stickers that you can get free with a big enough order from Muirskate. Get em, peel em, and stick em somewhere. End of conversation.
Free stickers
on 2019-12-13 Verified Purchase
Best version of the MS sticker pack yet
on 2019-07-11 Verified Purchase
What can I say but “Powell Full Tuck”. Great freebie.
on 2019-07-06 Verified Purchase
Nice selection of swag to dress up my new ride
on 2019-05-30 Verified Purchase
They really stick!
Who doesn't love stickers
on 2019-01-13 Verified Purchase
I really just wanted the stickers... So I bought a deck, trucks, wheels and bearings. It was all very nice, but those stickers tho!
Always love these
on 2018-12-31 Verified Purchase
Always love your stickers I have them on my board and helmet