Mob Grip - Super Coarse Grit Black Pack with 3 (11in x 14in) Grip Tape

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  • Length (in): 14"
  • Width (in): 11"
  • Grit: #30 Super Course
$15.95 USD

Mob Grip with super course grit now available in sheets of 11"X14".

The Mob Grip brand that we at Muir have come to know and love has acknowledged the need for a more heavy duty grit grip tape to satisfy the needs of downhill longboarding! This super coarse grip tape features larger grit than the standard style making it ideal for keeping your feet stuck to your board in times of need. Have no fear of slippage when you're railing that hairpin turn, grinding over the deathbox, or holding out that standy for an extra foot or two.

It appears that this stuff will also stick to certain types of existing grip tape when necessary. (As long as the original grip tape is going to remain stuck to the board, that is... We wouldn't recommend putting this on top of spray on grip since it may come off very easily.)

Mob Grip's Description

MOB Coarse grip was developed with high speed downhill skateboarding in mind, where maximum grip is necessary to keep the feet in place while descending and cornering at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour!


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Mob grip
on 2020-10-08 Verified Purchase
This grip tape has allowed me to lock in and get better slides, I can do slides with my feet not hanging off; this has allowed me to work on longer, smoother slides.