MuirSkate Beasto Trusshead Hardware Nuts and Bolts Pack

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$5.95 USD

So you found your dream deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings. Now you need to put it all together. That's where Muirskate Beasto Hardware comes in!

We created an easy to use nuts and bolts diagram for our users.

***We recommend you install MuirSkate Shock Pads on ALL your boards.
***One package is enough for a set of TWO trucks (one skateboard)


on 2021-12-24 Verified Purchase
Good hardware is a mustq
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Trusshead Hardware
on 2021-10-12 Verified Purchase
These are reliable and good. I always go with these!
on 2021-04-12 Verified Purchase
Haven't used them yet, but they come with washers included in case you need to use them for a drop-through setup.
Deez Nuts
on 2019-12-29 Verified Purchase
Haha, got em! They're nuts and bolts fam. They hold your board together and they haven't rusted out, bent, or broke yet. You won't be disappointed.