Riptide Komotion FootStop

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  • Height: .76" / 19.3 mm
  • Diameter: 1.00" / 25.4 mm
  • Durometer: Custom KranK 95a Urethane
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$7.95 USD

If you like a low profile foot stop where you can move the your foot around when you ride and at the same time know where your foot is on your board at all times, then the new Komotion Foot Stop designed by Riptide is the one you need. It comes in 7 different colors. The new Cog-shaped Grooved FootStop makes sure your shoe is gripped to it all the time.

Why would I choose to use a FootStop?

- Gives you exactly the same starting/balance point each time you skate which leads to much more consistent riding.
- Gives you a lot more grip on the board.
- Point of reference for when you are tucking, so you look at your feet left.
- Something to lock your front foot on to when performing big laid out one-hand slides, letting you push the front of the board out easier.

Sold Individually with a washer, 1.75" bolt, nut, PSD sticker & a RipTide sticker.

RipTide's Description

New Cog-shaped Grooved FootStop, the KoMotion:

Conforms to fit the concave of your board
Custom KranK 95a Urethane
Super Lightweight: .25 oz / 7 gm
Diameter: 1.00" / 25.4 mm
Height: .76" / 19.3 mm


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on 2021-08-08 Verified Purchase
No joke, it feels like my foot just finds the edge of this stop like no other. I used a bushing before and I got this just to get enough on my order for the free sticker lol but it was totally worth it.
I Will Never Go Back...
on 2021-04-17 Verified Purchase
My buddy and I stumbled upon these footstops at a lojngboard shop in Seattle (Motionboards), we decided to give em a try... and I will never be able to ride without one again! We mostly ride surfskate, with a lot of city cruising and some small uphill and downhill carving... THESE THINGS ARE GAME CHANGERS! It gives your front foot a safe and reliable spot to grab on too and even helps maneuver the nose of the board a bit better as well!
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Good Stuff
on 2021-02-01 Verified Purchase
Good stuff.
Normal ryartu2
Great improvement!!
on 2020-10-03 Verified Purchase
I changed the old bushing i was using for the last 4 years ahha i din't think would make a different heehe but let me tell you it does a lot this shit grips your foot better than any bushing u can use is made from a pretty sticky urathane is working lovely for me loving the upgrade.. now i wanna try the other two they had ahhahh xD
Foot stop
on 2020-06-01 Verified Purchase
Feels great and helps ur foot stay stuck to the board 🔥🔥
great stop
on 2020-03-19 Verified Purchase
I love this thing. had a problem with my lead foot creeping in front of the bolts when pumping my surfskate trucks. This not only acts as a reminder for where to stay behind, but I am enjoying having something to lean into when I pump.
Keep it simple
on 2020-03-08 Verified Purchase
I really like this footstop. For a while when i first started I was using a barrel bushing and my foot would still slide off(Due to bad technique). This footstop is taller than a bushing and the design helps it grip better to your shoe. I like to keep everything on my board as minimal as possible so I can move my feet around while still going super fast 60mph+ and still fast free riding meaning no foot pockets or anything really and this is a very good footstop imo.
Normal ash
First foot stop
on 2020-02-09 Verified Purchase
I really like the color of the purple one and I like how basic they are. I just don't understand why I can't find them in the footstops tab. I had to do some digging around on the website to find these.