Seismic Race Slide Gloves

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Seismic surprised us once again with another excellent product. The new Seismic Race Slide Gloves are made out of premium goatskin with a second layer around the fingertips to make sure your gloves last as long as possible. They feel very comfortable, the Velcro was split on the palm for best mobility as well as added protection for your knuckles and breathable perforated on the back of your hand.

Seismic offers these gloves without pucks but MuirSkate offers them with and without pucks. We chose Ojoom pucks for best performance. Please make sure to follow the size chart to make sure you purchase the right size.

Have fun and be safe!

SIZE CHART: (inches measured from the tip of middle finger to the bottom of your palm)

Small: 7" – 8"
Medium: 8" – 9"
Medium / Large: 9" – 10"
Large / Extra-Large: 10" – 11"
Double Extra-Large: 11" – 12"

Seismic's Description

Seismic RACE Performance Skate Gloves
Price is for a pair of two (2) Gloves. Pucks not included.

We took the time to re-examine and optimize every feature for modern downhill skateboarding. Designed top to bottom for maximum function, fit, and durability!

• Premium goatskin throughout, with second layer reinforcing fingertips and high-stress zones
• Intelligent seam placement for fit and durability
• High-strength, form-fitting goatskin/neoprene hybrid cuff with easy pull-on extension and industrial-strength Velcro

• Velcro split at natural palm crease for full hand mobility
• Breathable perforated goatskin on back of hand
• Integrated Kevlar® knuckle bar

Small: 7 – 8
Medium: 8 – 9
Medium / Large: 9 – 10
Large / Extra-Large: 10 – 11
Double Extra-Large: 11 – 12


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