MuirSkate Beasto 0.13" Top Mount Panhead Hardware Mounting Kit

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$8.95 USD

High Quality shock pad risers are an essential part of every longboard. Without them, you'll feel every bump, rock, and stick in the road, and it can even result in stress cracks and broken hardware.

To prevent these types of problems, we recommend you install MuirSkate Shock Pads on ALL your boards. In fact, we cant think of a single negative thing to say about these things!

We want your skateboard to last as long as possible and so should you, put MuirSkate Shock Pads on all of your setups and not only will your board thank you, but your feet will as well.

NOTE: 1.25" bolts are the most common length for a 0.13" Riser.

***One package is enough for a set of TWO trucks (one skateboard)


on 2021-12-25 Verified Purchase
Works perfectly. I've set up two freeride boards with these so far, no issues.
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Pop Pop Pop
on 2021-09-16 Verified Purchase
Fully mounted, stiff and strong.
Exactly what I needed
on 2020-08-18 Verified Purchase
Love this site it hasn't failed me yet