Venom Torque Block

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Looking for more leverage when downhilling? Or maybe you're just tired of you backfoot moving around when tucking, drifting or cornering?

The Venom Foam Wedge Torque Block might be exactly what your looking for!

The Torque block is designed to hold your backfoot in place while riding to get the most leverage possible, while also keeping your backfoot at an angle so you can move less and maintaining complete control of your board.

To Install, get into a tuck on your deck and find out where you like having your back foot. Place the Torque Block behind your backfoot, reposition it until it feels comfortable, and then mark the positioning of the block on your deck.

Scuff up the surface of your deck where the block will be applied, and then apply an adhesive to the deck. Place the block onto the adhesive and allow ample drying time.

Once dry, apply griptape over the block and go for a rip!

Large Piece: 11" x 4.5" x 1"

Venom's Description

The torque block foam wedge piece is designed to be used on the back of your downhill board as support for your rear foot when tucking, cornering, and sliding.

- Test placement of torque block on deck
- Remove torque block, scuff deck surface
- Apply spray adhesive to the deck
- Place torque block on adhesive
- Apply griptape over toque block


Love this thing
on 2019-02-09 Verified Purchase
Threw it on my Moonshine MFG Rum Runner for my first trip to Maryhill with some Vicious Griptape and Venom Magnums. Total apex shredder and helped keep me on my board the whole time! Would not recommend on your free ride board :)
on 2018-01-15
doesnt stick to carbon fiber but otherwise it actually works really well