Rogers Bros. Pro Footbrake Sole v2

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  • Thickness: .125" and .187"
  • Material: Virgin Materials
  • Width (in): 5"
  • Length (in): 13"
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1 Quantity = 1 Brake Sole, enough for one shoe

Introducing the new and improved Pro Footbrake Soles from Roger Bros!

Tired of killing your brand new shoes, foot braking to a stop after an epic downhill run? Well my friend, it sounds like you're in need of some Rogers Brothers Footbraking Soles.

Sold individually, they come in two different thicknesses, Pro or Standard, and come in rectangles made of a new super-secret very durable material. These last much longer than the v1 brake soles!

The Pro is perfect for normal everyday riding. The Pro version has a thinner outline. The thin rubber actually grips better to the board than stock shoe soles. The Standard is a little thicker and is meant for the rider who foot-brakes a lot.

We like using the Pro sole on our front and back foot for extra grip and shoe life, while still maintaining maximum board feel. If you like doing a lot of foot braking, we would suggest using the Standard on the rear foot for extended foot braking power.

No more sketchy foot braking with your fresh grippy soles, and best of all, no more wearing through brand new soles in just a session or two. Get the most out of your shoes and check out the Rogers Bros Footbrake Soles.

Rough up the side you're going to stick to your shoe and then spread a thin layer of ShoeGoo or contact cement on both the brake sole and shoe sole. Place your shoe on top and let it dry, we'd recommend waiting at least 24hours.

Finally, cut off the excess material and go skate! These things will slow you down smoothly, quietly, and with minimal wear. They also work great on new or used shoes!

Size: 13" L x 5" W
Standard Thickness: 0.187"
Pro Thickness: 0.125"
Made from Virgin Materials - (Materials sourced directly from nature in their raw form, such as wood or metal ores).

1 Quantity = 1 Brake Sole, enough for one shoe

Rogers Bros.'s Description

Pro Skateboard shoe sole material made from new Virgin Materials. This is the original material we brought to market in 2007. Best combination of wet/dry traction, board feel, wear characteristics, and cost. Grips better than other smooth rubber soles when walking on grass and dirt. ¼” thick rectangular section enough for one shoe.


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definitely buying again
on 2020-10-02 Verified Purchase
i dont footbrake really but the thin version definitely adds heaps of board grip. got these because i was slipping forward often whenever id run magnums (im a fairly light rider at 120 pounds so the braking power was just dragging me forward) and thats a thing of the past it seems. only thing id say is the instructions are oversimplified. the best way to get these to stick on well is pulling out your laces and lifing the tongue, then get a couple c clamps so you can clamp down inside the shoe and then some normal clamps for the toes. just placing them on the first time didnt work so well, clamping seems to work the best.
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Decent brake sole
on 2020-07-02 Verified Purchase
These last me 2-3 months of almost daily skating. Most of the wear and tear seemed to come from my MOB and Vicious griptape eating away the sole. It's a soft rubber that burns quickly and wears easily, but the braking quality is there. Board feel is barely diminished, and there is a bit more lock between shoe and board than without the brake sole