Venom HPF ROGUE Pivot Tubes

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Venom's Description

The same perfect urethane blend of rebound and dampening found in your Venom High-Performance Bushings is now available in pivot tube form. Venom High-Performance Pivot Tubes remove slop from your cast trucks, improving responsiveness and overall feel. The softer duros dampens road vibration for a smoother ride when cruising and carving. For higher performance freeriding, downhill, and racing, the harder duros will make your trucks feel more responsive, precise, and accurate so you can take the lines you need.

Venom Pivot Tubes are made in the USA and fit Rogue Trucks

Height: ~11.84mm
Outer Diameter: ~17.61mm
Inner Diameter: ~12.95mm


Dialing your rogued
on 2017-08-12 Verified Purchase
I got the 97a pivot tube. The pivot tube has less friction then the cup so more work is put on to your bushings. This is great if you want a super responsive setup but because there is no bottom the pivot tube can slide arouND and cause more slop