Bam Bam Pro Leather Slide Gloves - White - W/ No Pucks

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Introducing the latest model Bam Bam Downhill and Freeride slide glove with Bam Bam Spark Pucks. The newest glove feature perforation on both sides of the glove allowing a more consistent flow of air in the gloves. The Bam Bam Slide glove has been making quite a spark around MuirSkate. Now Bam Bam gave us the perfect glove to protect us when playing with fire**! Our team trusts Bam Bam's quality. The glove offers maximum protection keeping your hands clear of danger while you shred.

Each Bam Bam glove is individually made out of durable cow leather with kevlar reinforcement in the wrist and finger tips. These gloves are very comfortable in use. The fit is spot on. We should not forget to mention that there are small insoles below the slide puck and above the wrist.


Bam Bam Pucks's Description

Our leather slide gloves are made for racing, hard and fast shredding, where your hand must be extra safe. They impress with high stability and durability. After years of downhill skateboarding we know, where the sensitive points of gloves are. We gave them extra protection with additional leather pieces. With our gloves, your fingertips, side of palm and thump are safe for a longer time. Additional soft pads make them extra comfortable. Perforation for fresh air supply is just one more feature. Some of the best downhill racers in the world give them full confidence. They know why, check all features:

Durable cow leather
Perforation for fresh air
Kevlar knuckle protectors
Extra strengthening of fingertip, side of palm and thumb
Extra soft pads for more comfort
Double seam at velcro fastener and strap
Spicy BAMBAM printing design
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Colors: black-red


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Bam Bam Wow
on 2019-03-02 Verified Purchase
Best fitting slide gloves that I have found. The construction of the glove is very good. And they spark,I Gotta say that again they spark 🤙
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on 2017-05-18 Verified Purchase
These gloves are awesome! They fit perfectly and quickly formed to my hand, the pucks are thick and don't wear super fast and as for the sparks, well at night IT'S JUST BRIGHT! It caught a lot of peoples attention, I love them. Totally worth buying, they're one quality glove.
Very nice gloves
on 2017-05-11
I have had these gloves for a while now (purchased elsewhere) and I really, really love the pucks. They spark a TON, even for me and I weigh 120lbs. They barely wear too. I've had my pucks for much longer than my gloves and they have barely worn down past the bevel. The gloves are super sick. I love the colorway and the carbon. These fit very tight right out of the box but do break in. My only complaint is that if you ride sharp griptape (i.e. Vicious, RDVX, LOKTON) the thumb and finger pads get shallow slices. That being said just be careful picking up your board and you'll be fine. I would highly recommend these gloves to anyone looking for a new pair of leather gloves.