Rogers Bros. Dagger Foot Stop

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$26.95 USD

Having issues keeping your foot planted to the board? Well Rogers Bros. with some help from Pro Rider Max Capps have come up with a solution to put a knife in it, well not literally...

This new footstop pivots on 360 to allow for subtle changes in placement from the front foot without letting you slip away. Don't worry Goofy people out there, you can simply flip the dagger to adjust for your stance! The Dagger comes equipped with a 1.25" screw so set-up is a breeze, just swap it out with a bolt from the front trucks or drill a hole in the deck to find that sweet spot!


The best
on 2018-08-07 Verified Purchase
Psd were my favorite. But my front foot has never felt more locked in then with this foot stop, not on giant drops, nothing has made my front foot plant like this stop