RipTide WFB Paris V1 - V2 Pivot Cups

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An often overlooked, yet vital, part to a longboard is a pivot cup. These are little cups that are seated into the baseplate of the truck. With the constant forces of a turning longboard, the pivot cups will begin to wear and some slop will begin to develop.

By replacing your pivots (when they are worn) you are essentially making your truck turn like new because there is no longer any slop. These things are cheap and will freshen up your ride! Good pivots = trucks that feel like precisions.

Height: ~12.22mm
Outer Diameter: ~18.06mm
Inner Diameter: ~11.27mm

RipTide's Description

RipTide Pivot Cups and Tubes are the result of two years of beta testing in every possible condition that Colorado’s high country can deliver.

RipTide’s pivots are specifically designed for each truck. We do not offer universal styles because of the compromises a universal pivot forces you to make. In many cases, we offer both tubes and cups for the same truck. Both offer the smooth turning benefits of RipTide’s exclusive internally lubricated WFB Urethane in 96a but the Tube offers even lower friction due to the reduced surface contact with the nose of the hanger.

The Cups are first molded and then the end is machined to fit the truck’s base plate perfectly, leaving the pivot contact area is as smooth as possible. No machining imperfections and no heat affected zone in the pivot contact area. The Tubes on the other hand are 100% molded and no machining is required.


Good fit - fast shipping
on 2020-05-14 Verified Purchase
Got these for my Paris trucks. Saw some reviews complain about fit issues. Mine fit perfect - hard to press in the base plate, but fit well once I had them seated correctly. Shipping was super fast
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Tight - great with surgery
on 2017-02-09
Way too tight on my Paris v2 trucks- rode and terrible centering. Took a utility knife to the outside of the barrel and sliced shavings around the perimeter and fitted until dialed. Really good now. Lubed with some silicone spray. Went with the 100a being 200 lbs.
on 2016-11-29 Verified Purchase
These do not fit my Paris V2 180mm 50 Degree trucks that were purchased Nov 2016. The OD is fine, they fit the cup holder but the inside it far too shallow. So far have not found a solution but if you have new paris trucks you might want to doublecheck fitment.