Silver Premium Skateboard Tool

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Ever have to carry three different types of wrenches and a screw driver while skating? Even if you haven't, you probably can see how much of a burden and safety issue that would be.

Silver has a high-tech skate tool to help you get the job done faster then ever! Besides the traditional components; A 9/16" (Kingpin nut), 3/8" (mounting hardware), and 1/2" (axle nut) sockets, as well as a Philips-head screw & Allen Key for hardware. This 'Premium' tool also features a ratchet for your mounting hardware, as well as a file on top for applying grip tape!

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on 2016-10-05
I bought one of these off amazon before Muir offered them. Its a good tool, great for fast assembly/disassembly of decks, but the one downside; the 3/8ths is too short!! It was made for street decks, not the (sometimes excessive) length of longboard hardware. It does not fit hardware that would fit with my Muirskate tool.
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The One And Only
on 2016-10-02
Silver makes the best skate tools on the market today, I'm glad Muir finally offers them now. There are no pieces likely to snap or break off and the ratchet makes assembling and disassembling a breeze. You might be intimidated by that $18 price tag but I've been through multiple Unit tools and Silver has never let me down!