MuirSkate Venom Tall HPF ROGUE "Almost Precision" Truck Upgrade Pack

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After 8 years of sampling different aftermarket components of a longboard truck, Muirskate has perfected The Almost Precision Truck Package. Our package of aftermarket components is designed to reduce most of the unnecessary movement in a cast truck. In another words, The Almost Precision Truck Package dials in the feel that you should expect in a cast truck. We know that every rider is unique and his/her style or riding may vary, therefore we offer a number of customized packages to choose from.

The Almost Precision Truck Packages includes:

1. TWO (2) Array Precision Washers with a center sleeve, creates even pressure over the bushing generating more rebound for a smoother and precise turn. Note: Adding a second pair of Array Precision Sleeved Washers boardside will increase bushing rebound. For practical purposes, one pair roadside is sufficient.

2. TWO (2) Aluminum Grade Cup Washers were added to keep the bushings tight up against the wall of the washer restricting bushing deformation thus improving stability. Note: Array Precision Cup Washers are available at

3. TWO (2) Factory Venom Pivot Tubes are included to restrict movement in the area between the hanger pivot and the baseplate. Stock pivot cups wear quickly, therefore replacing them will clean up the unnecessary movement in the cast truck. The softer 90A dampens road vibration for a smoother ride when cruising and carving. The harder 93A and 97A durometer is more responsive while cornering and accelerates your return-to-center.

4. THREE (3) packs of Venom Tall Downhill High Performance Formula Barrel Bushings for customizing the suspension under your longboard. The Classic DH formula has a great blend of stability and rebound making them great for Downhill as well as fast Freeriding.

*Note: Each of the aforementioned longboard skateboard components are available for sale individually at Feel free to use our package as a guide to selecting your Customized Almost Precision Truck Package.

*Note: If you would need to change a durometer of a bushing, feel free to make a note in the comments section at check-out!!

We want to help you choose your bushing for your body weight! So here's a mini cheat sheet to get you started: 

125-175 lbs: 78-87a 

145-195 lbs: 82-90a 

175-220 lbs: 85-93a 

200-250 lbs: 90-93a 

225 lbs and up: 90-98a

**** The Venom Pivot Tubes ONLY fit Rogue Trucks ****

Venom's Description

Array Sleeved Washers Specs:

At Griffin Skateboards, we have noticed there is a problem with the standard washer cups on all stock skateboard trucks today. People are snapping their kingpins on their trucks left and right. The grade 8 washer and grade 8 kingpin in combination with bushings that are too soft are hanging up the kingpin and snapping it. Old, traditional washer cups surf around on the bushing and on the kingpin too much. It's about time we have a state of the art sleeved washer that works to help the rider be safe. We have been working on solving this problem since 2009. We believe we have the solution: The "Axcelspring Sleeved Washer"! We have already sent some to our best customers with an excellent response.
Why Are These Better?
The center sleeve puts the pressure on the center of the bushing, giving it more energy. The facing on either side of the washers gives extra grip to help grab onto the baseplate and the bushing. No movement equals straight power. It's made in the USA in a one inch size and is machined from 303 stainless steel. We will be releasing other sizes soon.
How Do I Install Them?
Take the "Axcelspring Sleeved Washer" and lay it on a table with the sleeve facing upward. Press the bushing onto the sleeve and it should "snap" into place. A harder bushing will need a little more work, but can be done in the same way. If you're having difficulties, take the kingpin and point the head down toward the table, add the washer (sleeve up) an then add the bushing.

Venom (SHR) Specs:
Super High Rebound (SHR): We started working on SHR in March of 2009. There seemed to be a demand for an inanely high rebound bushing, but there just didn’t seem to be any good ones on the horizon. The problem was, the other super springy bushings on the market were only super springy. No damping. Cars have springs AND shocks for a reason! All the rebound with no control has a great effect on stability and adjustability. If you try to tighten your trucks with no damping, a lot of the time the bushing just squishes, and you get no more tension.

Venom Pivot Sleeve Specs:
The same perfect urethane blend of rebound and dampening found in your Venom High-Performance Bushings is now available in pivot cup form. Available in 90A and 97A, Venom High-Performance Pivot Sleeves remove slop from your cast trucks, improving responsiveness and overall feel. The softer 90A dampens road vibration for a smoother ride when cruising and carving. For higher performance freeriding, downhill, and racing, the harder 97A duro will make your trucks feel more responsive, precise, and accurate so you can take the lines you need.

**** The Venom Pivot Tubes ONLY fit Rogue Trucks ****


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