Loaded Button Head Flanged Hardware

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So you found you dream deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings. Now you need to put it all together. With the Loaded Flanged Head Hardware Kit.

We suggest that you replace old and rusted hardware for safety purposes. It should also be noted that stripped hardware becomes difficult to remove over time, therefore, we suggest replacing it before it worsens.

Note: Panhead nuts and bolts are for top- mount and drop-through decks.

Note: One pack is enough for a complete skateboard (8 nuts and bolts).

Loaded's Description

Made from an extremely strong steel (significantly stronger than Grade 8), these button head bolts integrate the washer into the bolt itself in order to reduce the height of the bolt heads while still distributing load pressure.

Our hardware comes with a hex key and is available in three (color coded) sizes: 1” (green), 1.25” (red) and 1.5" (grey).


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By far better than normal hardware!
on 2020-05-25 Verified Purchase
Imagine if your hardware didn't strip... Well that's what these are like. The only inconvenience is that you're kinda screwed if none of the bromies have a tool with a hex on it but I've never ran into the issue before.