Khiro 5° Angled Wedge Rail Risers

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For you slalom enthusiasts or riders looking to perfectly tune up their cruising board, Khiro has created their Wedge/Angle Rail Risers.

Make your trucks turn more, or give them more lean, the choice is yours. These angled riser pads can add or subtract the angle of your truck by 5° while also making the ride a little higher off the ground.

Khiro Shock Pads are the industry leader in riser technology for longboard skateboard and that is why carries only Khiro for risers.

Khiro Bob is definitely in a class of his own! Bob is always innovating and making his products better for us longboarders and street skaters. You can tell when you look at his selection.

He only uses the finest ingredients for his shock pads. That results in less stress cracking in your board and minimizes broken hardware. Taste one sometime. Most shock pads leave a gritty residue in your mouth, but not Khiro Bobs. His taste like Tangy Taffy!! Go with Khiro. We do!


Khiro's Description

Khiro Angled Wedge Rail Raisers

Now for the first time, every angle in a riser you need for Ultimate High Performance Skateboard Riding and Racing. Stack them for the Perfect Combination.

These Angled Wedge Rail Risers are an asset for skaters that ‘Wedge’ their Trucks to get the desired angle and they are quick and easy to install. No more cutting up pieces of wood or plastic to pancake under your Trucks and not knowing the exact angle you have. Khiro has taken the initiative to solve this problem and meeting the needs of skaters again by addressing this issue skaters have had for years.

Produced out of a custom reinforced plastic that Khiro uses to produce it’s full line of ‘Hard Risers’ that skaters rely on.

These Risers come in (1° - 2° - 3° - 4° - 5° - 7° - 10° - 15°)

Wedges can be stacked to customize the exact angle and degree needed to set up your board for optimum performance.


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Tryna find the sweet spot
on 2020-03-07 Verified Purchase
I got some 10° recently for my fave downhill deck, and that made such a difference. So I thought, let's wedge the back 5° more and add some more turn in the front for a 50/30 split on my Rey Lites. I love it. Wedges are king. Definitely go to the hardware store and buy pairs of screws in 5mm intervals from 35-60 (you'll need em)