Seismic 36-grit Lokton SOLID 11" Width Grip Tape

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Seismic Skate Systems new Lokton Grip Tape is designed to prevent slippage in the most extreme of downhill conditions.

The aesthetically appealing blue extra-coarse Lokton grips the meat of your soles. Even in wet conditions, Lokton will decrease loss of grip between your shoes and your board. Spend more time skating and less time healing road rash!

Seismic's Description

60-foot x 11-inch roll of 36-grit Lokton™ griptape. Color: Midnight Blue. Solid (non-lasercut) pattern.

Noticeably sharper, tougher, and grippier. Grit stays ultra-sharp, doesn’t flake off. No smearing or peeling, even in heat or rain. The best grip in the history of grip. Lock in with Lokton™!

Apply Lokton only to clean deck surfaces. It does not always adhere well to the top of other grip tape, but it will conform to the contours of most concaves and implants.

The PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) on the back of Lokton is some of the best, most heat-resistant on the market. However, it does not always bond well to unusual combinations of deck-top materials and finishes, especially certain types of Formica and heavy lacquer.

For best results, use a blow dryer or heat gun to warm up the Lokton after removing the release paper but before placing on deck. After placing on deck, apply pressure across the entire surface by standing on all areas of the Lokton. Your results may vary.

Trim the edges with a sharp blade, using quick downward thrusts from the top. Do not fold or bend or file the edges, as this can cause the grains to shed.


Seismic 36-grit Lokton SOLID 11" Width Grip Tape Seismic 36-grit Lokton
on 2018-08-31 Verified Purchase
Very good grip tape. Only nuisance is it doesn't stick well even with a blow dryer to heat up. Some edges bubble up and if cut up to smaller pieces can just fall off. But very grippy grip tape.
woaw !
on 2017-07-11
this gripp is fucking insane, juste good as hell
Dang this is some grippy foot paper
on 2016-12-10 Verified Purchase
This stuff is so grippy I high-sided and brought it back. Actually. I was sliding on my back two wheels with my board at a 45° angle and I managed to stay on the board and finish the run without a scratch. Grippy stuff. Will not disappoint. Just wish it came in other colors too, or at least black.
on 2016-08-13
As long as you use a heat gun or hair-dryer to heat up the griptape before you apply, it will stick nicely. The extra effort is well worth the extra grip
Normal img 0144
Great stuff
on 2016-08-12 Verified Purchase
Wonderfully grippy tape that will last a long time even with abuse from debris and rain. Grit does tend to fall away in certain places especially when folded but it does its job still. Doesnt bend or fold easily and cannot stack but was no issue for me as I removed my previous grip before using a hair dryer to apply this new seismic lokton. It sticks just fine to the deck but wont work over other grip. My boards also dont have crazy concaves but rest assured if you heat it before applying and remove your old grip it'll stay stuck on. Very gritty but not dangerously so where it cuts up your skin and shoes. Actually with completely worn outsoles I still have great grip. Excellent buy. Will purchase again and maybe will try the patterned and laser cut version next!
it's fine i guess
on 2016-07-28 Verified Purchase
your feet will grip to the tape... but the tape won't grip to your board