RipTide PSD 'MINI I/O' Footstop

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Having trouble finding a foot stop that will fit on your skateboard? Are you tired of feeling restricted by oversized heaps of strange and tacky design? To help you find a solution for these problems is the Riptide Mini I/O foot stops!

Less than 2 inches wide and comes in a variety of colors for your pleasure; these little guys will help you correct your riding posture and give you more leverage on your front foot. Adjustable to your liking and grippy on any shoe. They are a must-have if your starting to progress in downhill skating.

Not only that, but since it's an IN & OUT, it's reversible so you can really figure out which position you like best. No longer will you have to buy 4 or more footstops to see which is best.

RipTide's Description


Sold Individually with a washer, 1.75" bolt, nut, PSD sticker & a RipTide sticker.

Conforms to fit the concave of your board
Custom 60d Urethane
Lightweight .9 oz / 25 gm
Length: 1.85" / 47 mm
Width: 1.95" / 49.5 mm
Height: .98" / 24.8 mm
Slot Length: 1.15" / 29.2 mm

Why would I choose to use a FootStop?

⦁ Gives you exactly the same starting/balance point each time you skate which allows you to skate with more confidence and consistency. If you skate at night, you always know where your foot is on the deck without seeing it.

Which FootStop should I choose?

⦁ If you don't move your foot much when you ride - choose a concave shape (In-Side, In-&-Out or I/O Mini).
⦁ If you move your foot when you ride - choose a convex shape (Aer-Out, Out-Side, In-&-Out or I/O Mini).
⦁ If you're not sure, or sometimes do both - choose a FootStop with both a concave and convex surface (In-&-Out or I/O Mini).

More about PSD / RipTide FootStops.

⦁ They're designed by PSD Designs in the U.K. and are manufactured by RipTide in the U.S.A out of an extremely tough urethane so they will take whatever you throw at them. This international collaboration was made possible by one of our team riders, Aaron Skippings, Tim Pritchard of PSD and RipTide.
⦁ The 60d urethane is hard yet still flexible. This means the FootStop will conform to the concave of your board while still taking the compression of your mounting hardware!
⦁ Designed to take high impact hits so they won't fail if your board hits a guardrail, tree, rocks or the hay bales.
⦁ Designed to protect the rider if he does fall. If you have ever fallen and landed on a metal FootStop, you know what I am talking about!


Comfortable and adjustable
on 2021-12-02 Verified Purchase
Nice little addition to your board. Keeps your foot in place.
Normal image
Confidence inspiring
on 2021-09-18 Verified Purchase
I recently upgraded from a drop deck to a top Mount and while it felt better in most respects I was really missing the secure locked in feeling that the drop deck gave me. This foot stop totally fixed that and now I have the confidence to fully send it. Plus it came with stickers.
on 2021-09-10 Verified Purchase
Awesome!! Locked in!!
Just don’t smell it
on 2021-03-22 Verified Purchase
This is just what I wanted, the multiple positions leaves you with infinite adjustment... can’t go wrong especially if this is your first footstop and you’re not sure what you like. But seriously bro, why’d you smell it? I told you not too...
on 2021-03-11 Verified Purchase
Just what I needed.
MINI I/O Footstop
on 2021-02-07 Verified Purchase
Works just as well as an expensive footstep and helps with consistent foot placement. Comes with hardware and instructions for installation! 10/10 would recommend
Normal beepso
Solid, Durable
on 2020-12-02 Verified Purchase
Very good construction, sits tight on the board and can be used ) or (. It has slight pliability and will not crack, great colors--I got the orange.
Small stop for a small board
on 2019-06-07 Verified Purchase
Had a small mini ish cruiser that already had mild wheel flares, but I wanted a stop so I could get aggressive with the pumping... For situations like that, have like a 9 or less inch wide board that pins at the tip or rear, this cant be beat. For a wider deck with a consistent platform it might make more sense to get something bigger, but this stop can still do the job nicely if you prefer to stay compact
Just what I wanted
on 2019-05-26 Verified Purchase
I'd never used a foot stop and was skeptical of them, I feel very comfortable on skateboards of all sizes without them. However, it was cheap and I figured I'd give it a shot. This foot stop definitely changed my mind. It's just the right size - not obnoxiously large but big enough to secure my size 11 feet. It's made me more confident sliding and helped my speed tuck big time by forcing me to be more consistent in my positioning. I really can't imagine wanting or needing a bigger one, this feels perfect size to me. If you're not sure if a foot stop is for you, this is where you want to start. The shape allows you to play with various angles, try concave or convex setups and really dial in the position. I'm now a foot stop convert. Writing this review now because I'm back here buying a second one for my other setup.
good foot stop
on 2017-08-06 Verified Purchase
good but it is a bit small