MuirSkate Beasto Tall 3/8 Kingpin Lock Nuts

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Need some new Tall Kingpin nuts for your trucks? Many precision trucks use tall nuts, and we always have problems finding replacements... well, not anymore!

Whether you've lost a nut or are replacing your worn out set, the MuirSkate Tall 3/8" Kingpin Lock Nuts are always a nice thing to have on hand.

Strong, long lasting, and extra tall, these nylon lock nuts will make sure your trucks stay together to keep you riding for longer.

Keep a couple sets on hand just in case you or your friend lose one. It'd be a bummer to have to end your session early due to losing such a small piece of metal.

One package is enough for 2 kingpins.


Tight fit
on 2016-10-09 Verified Purchase
I use these in my Gullwing Reverse. They fit flush with the kingpin.