MuirSkate Beasto Flathead Hardware Nuts and Bolts Pack

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So you found you dream deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings. Now you need to put it all together. That is where Muirskate comes in.
We created an easy to use nuts and bolts diagram for our users.

We suggest that you replace old and rusted hardware for safety purposes. It should also be noted that stripped hardware becomes difficult to remove over time, therefore, we suggest replacing it before it worsens.

We have revamped our hardware images to help you find the appropriate size nuts and bolts to fit your skateboard. The diagrams that we created for you are suggestions to steer you in the right direction.

Note: Flat nuts and bolts are for top- mount and drop-through decks.

Note: One pack is enough for a complete skateboard (8 nuts and bolts). Multiple hardware sizes available.


Can’t go wrong
on 2022-03-13 Verified Purchase
Always a solid hardware choice
Does the job well!
on 2021-09-07 Verified Purchase
Very sturdy hardware and feel like they will last a long time. Customer service is excellent for recommending the right size for your setup.
Bought & Satisfied!
on 2021-04-17 Verified Purchase
Tried finding this exact set-up at my local hardware store... took way too long and couldn't find the exact type of bolt or nut... 100 TIMES EASIER through MuirSkate!
Best bang for your buck.
on 2021-04-02 Verified Purchase
They are cheap and a multitude of options from length to fastener type and head shape. Have not stripped any yet across my three boards, I used an impact driver to put them on.
The best!
on 2021-03-26 Verified Purchase
Good quality hardware. Muir skate is the place I shop for all my longboard needs!
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Good quality
on 2020-11-28 Verified Purchase
The heads have a good nice, deep star, bolts are good quality; can handle many changing of trucks.
on 2020-11-25 Verified Purchase
It works loll
on 2020-10-04 Verified Purchase
Great fit!
Good hardware
on 2020-06-20 Verified Purchase
Ordered mine slightly too long but i traded them out at the skatepark for normal size ones. I orded the 6/8 ply by accident, great hardware regardless.
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on 2020-01-24 Verified Purchase
They keep my trucks on my board ...which is sick!
A1 product and customer service.
on 2020-01-16 Verified Purchase
A1 customer service and product.... as always. I recommend Muirskate for all of you shredding needs.
Solid Hardware
on 2019-12-08
Does exactly what I need it to do without any issues. Just make sure you measure out what size you need so it's a good fit.
Phillips Hardware
on 2017-08-29 Verified Purchase
This is Phillips pattern, flush screws is what they mean by flathead. Regular hardware for a regular price, why not 5 stars. They have all lengths!
on 2016-05-23 Verified Purchase
Nice bolts, have the 1 3/8 Set up on my 9 ply Omen Barfight, but I'd recommend going one up on the height.