MuirSkate Beasto 5/16" Axle Nuts

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$3.50 USD

Uh oh! Check yo' nuts! Your axle nuts, that is!

Always have some extra axle nuts in your tool box. You never know when you might lose one, or two, or even four. It is a great idea to replace axle lock nuts when they begin to look very worn. You never want the experience of going into a tasty slide and realize that you are sliding on your hangar!

Keep it tight and snug, but don't over do it!


Super Smooth!
on 2021-04-17 Verified Purchase
Ordered. Received. Satisfied! Good quality and just what you need, no need to doubt or question!
Totally Nuts!
on 2021-01-22 Verified Purchase
They hold your wheels on. What more is there to say?
on 2018-09-08 Verified Purchase
Worked perfectly!