MuirSkate Beasto 3/8" Kingpin Nuts

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$3.50 USD

Hate losing nuts while tuning up your ride? Although we can't help you find a lost nut, we can help supply you with new ones! For those pesky kingpin nuts that just happen to fly out of your skate tool, throw a package of our Beasto 3/8" Kingpin Nuts into your cart. Don't let your stoke be killed by a lost nut!

One package is enough for 2 king pins.


Extra Hardware You NEED!
on 2021-05-09 Verified Purchase
If you've riden any board for a good while, and you like making adjustments to your bushings, you'll see that the kingpin nut is usually the first to waste away. It's super affordable and super easy to carry around a few extra bolts just in case!!
on 2017-11-01 Verified Purchase
They may be a bit too shallow but will be nice for the slightly taller bushings. Just wish they had maybe another thread or two. Judging by the quality of the hardware ive bought from muir im not too worried.