Sk8ology Carabiner Skate Tool 2.0

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Do you have problems losing your skate tool one day, and your keys the next? Fear not! The solution to both your problems has arrived!

The Sk8ology Carabiner Skate Tool 2.0 will allow you to keep your keys and tool at your side wherever you may roam. The Carabiner Tool is the swiss army knife of skate tools. The carabiner is equipped with a wrench system for your kingpin, axle nuts, Pop Out Allen Head / Phillips Screwdriver, and Durable Grade Griptape File Edge. Did I mention there's a bottle opener? Well, there is. You can rest assured that I'm never losing my skate tool or keys again.

Sk8ology's Description

The all new Sk8ology Carabiner Sk8 Tool 2.0 is a multi-functional skateboard tool with all components necessary for complete skateboard assembly and maintenance.

At 54 grams (1.9 oz) the patented Sk8ology Carabiner Skate Tool 2.0 is the lightest, fully functional skateboard tool in the world. It's also the only skateboard tool that's designed to clip onto your belt loop which keeps your keys secure and your tools at hand at all times.

Made from the highest quality stainless steel, The Sk8ology Carabiner Sk8 Tool 2.0 is designed for a lifetime of use and is backed by our 100% unconditional warranty against manufacturer defects.

Quick Clip Carabiner
9/16" Kingpin Wrench
1/2" Axle Nut Wrench
3/8" Mounting Hardware Wrench
Pop Out Allen Head / Phillips Screwdriver
Durable Grade Griptape File Edge
Bottle Opener
Easy Grip Textured Overmold


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Great for on-the-go tuning around campus
on 2019-12-09 Verified Purchase
Been using this for the past two weeks to tune up my trucks as I've been replacing old/unwanted things like bushings and pivot cups. The carabiner clips right into the handle of my bag, which allows for easy access and its slim profile allows it to stay inside my bag when I don't want it out in the open. Waaaaaay better than carrying around a t-shape skate tool in my bag all day.
on 2017-09-27 Verified Purchase
Well constructed, and very effective! This tool has lasted from the day it arrived to the day I misplaced it. I recommend this to a anyone who skates or longboards on a daily basis. This is easily the best tool I have ever used, and will definitely be buying another one soon!
Useful tool
on 2016-01-19 Verified Purchase
This carabiner is strong, is fairly precise on the bolts and is most importantly light and travels well. My only disappointment is that somehow I've bent the carabiner clip but it still work.