Paris Silver Skatetool

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$15.95 USD

This is one sick tool! It collapses into a small metal 4 inch tube that can easily be stashed in your pocket while skating. It includes a double sided screw driver that clicks into place on the top of the tool so you won't easily lose it, and has both a phillips and an allen key on opposite sides so it doesn't matter what type of hardware you're using. Best of all, the sockets are really deep so you wont be out of luck if all you have are 3" bolts. What more could you ask for in a skate tool?

Paris's Description

Want a snazzy Paris Skate tool to match your Paris Trucks? Here it is! Broken apart it is compact and easy to toss in a pocket while skating, no sharp points exposed to impale you in the off chance you take a spill and happen to land on wherever you have it stashed. Deep sockets to fit on the longest of kingpins and mounting hardware, Designed by skaters, for skaters!


on 2021-06-19 Verified Purchase
Tool does what it is supposed to, but the small socket piece does not fit well into the handle. I have to sand or file it just a little bit so it can be assembled and disassembled. It may just be the coating. Other than that, I LOVE the tool. The small socket also has a through hole so even if you use longer hardware to attach your trucks, this tool will still work as it slides over the bolt. Would definitely be 5 stars if it assembled and broke down easily. And, as always, Muirskate delivered with a great price and super fast shipping.
on 2021-04-28 Verified Purchase
A great tool to have around
No better skate tool
on 2021-01-20 Verified Purchase
This is perfect. Durable, compact, easy to use. Theres nothing else to say!
Worth every penny
on 2021-01-20 Verified Purchase
There’s not much to say, this tool is the best tool out there.
on 2020-05-07 Verified Purchase
Best skate tool. Don’t even sweat the price. Well worth it.
do you want a tool for your longboard?
on 2019-12-07 Verified Purchase
You should get this, so you could be cool like me.
Love it
on 2019-09-11 Verified Purchase
No one else mentioned the little embedded spring-loaded ball bearings that hold the parts in place when collapsed! Brilliant. Fun. Go Paris Trucks
Well thought out design
on 2018-10-21 Verified Purchase
Of all my skate tools, this is my favorite. it's just a well thought out design. It's easy to pack and carry, so it's the easiest to have on hand, which makes it the most useful. Congrats to Paris.
on 2018-08-23 Verified Purchase
Great to have around for tweaking on the fly, I used to carry a socket wrench and screwdriver so having this has made my life much easier
Very well thought-out tool
on 2016-11-07
Not only does it have an extension hole in the base of the hardware wrench to accommodate very long hardware, but the placement of where the screwdriver is stored makes the axle-wrench the exact depth of an axle-nut. Very clever design that has lots of extra thought behind the construction.
Excellent Skate Tool
on 2016-10-26 Verified Purchase
I use this skate tool for my Paris Savant and fits the nuts perfectly with a snug fit. High quality, durable, and compact.
Favorite Skatetool
on 2015-10-09 Verified Purchase
Title says it all. Favorite thing about it is how skinny the stem is for the 3/8 socket, it allows me to take most my trucks off without removing the hanger. The 3/8 socket is also hollow so there's no need to worry about long screws. The finish is nice and makes scratches look natural. Portable but a little heavy and hurts to land on in your pocket.