Atlas Pivot Cups

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An often overlooked, yet vital, part to a longboard is a pivot cup. These are little cups that are seated into the baseplate of the truck. With the constant forces of a turning longboard, the pivot cups will begin to wear and some slop will begin to develop.

By replacing your pivots (when they are worn) you are essentially making your truck turn like new because there is no longer any slop. These things are cheap and will freshen up your ride! Good pivots = trucks that feel like precisions.

Height: ~16.32mm
Outer Diameter: ~17.61mm
Inner Diameter: ~16.23mm

Atlas's Description

Atlas Truck Co. replacement urethane pivot cups feature the same features as our nylon cups with added shock absorption. These cups are a great option for riders looking for a more resistive feel and a smoother ride.

Urethane Cup (2 per pack)
Threaded Removal Socket
Flanged Design for Precision Fit
Internal Cleaning Grooves
*Only Compatible with Atlas Trucks


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