Rogers Bros. Studded Hardware Nuts and Bolts

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Ever run into the problem of not having a phillips screw driver or a hex key to tighten you hardware while out skating? You always end up losing that screw driver in your skate tool...

Well, you'll never have to worry about that again with the Rogers Bros. Studded Hardware! All you need is a standard skate tool, and you can handle your hardward without ever touching a screw driver.

Rogers Bros. Studded Hardware comes with enough hardware to set up 1 complete.

Size 1.25"
Size 1.50"


Do it, be a Stud
on 2021-03-22 Verified Purchase
The quality is great, just seems like a better safer/ way to boot up your trucks!
on 2020-12-25 Verified Purchase
Very good
Exactly what you'd expect
on 2020-09-16 Verified Purchase
It just makes life easier so yea I like em
Where's my screwdriver
on 2020-04-14 Verified Purchase
I'm to lazy to use two tools at once, so this hardware fixes that. Don't over tighten them, and they will last you a few years.
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on 2019-04-08 Verified Purchase
These make removing and adding trucks so much easier!
on 2018-08-13 Verified Purchase
Great product!
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on 2016-09-27 Verified Purchase
If you change ur trucks a lot you should get these. They are very good quality. They look sweet as well, but that are a little bit pricey. It is worth it.
Great Product
on 2016-08-18 Verified Purchase
This hardware is great for people who often swap trucks. It makes it so easy to take off and put on because you don't need a screwdriver. If you over tighten them you might accidently strip the studs on the bolt. Just buy some thread lock or something. Also check out the Rogers Bros footstops!
Less Parts
on 2016-08-08 Verified Purchase
Having less parts to change is an upside, they're a little hard to put on and take off.
less parts
on 2016-04-18 Verified Purchase
This is great it reduces the amount of parts on my board it also makes switching trucks take less time and they are solid.
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So rad!!!
on 2016-04-14 Verified Purchase
If you longboard you need these.
Only way to go!
on 2016-03-02 Verified Purchase
I get so tired of hex tops, phillips tops and always a nut that can't be reached well because its too close to the truck. It's close to living hell when you're trying to hold the screwdriver/hex driver on the other side of the deck while you're tightening the nut. If you ever are going to change out or remove your trucks this is the only way to go. The only thing you need to tighten and loosen them is a skate tool sized for bolts on 8mm axels which is THE most common skate tool. A Unit (or standard MuirSkate tool which is identical) is the best because it has a long enough shaft to get to the nuts regardless of whether the truck is mounted. These are life savers! Two caveats: Don't over tighten them - check the nuts with the others on the board on your preflight. Second is that the heads are not entirely flush and there is a minor protrubance from them that has never been a problem for me. With these working for old school and new school bolt patters and fewer parts to boot what are you waiting for? Order some now! No this is not a paid endorsement. I just really like them. Your mileage may vary.
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Way better than traditional hardware
on 2015-09-12 Verified Purchase
These make it super easy to switch trucks because you only need one tool. I also feel like they're a bit more secure than screws because there are fewer parts and they're connected. Even if you don't switch trucks often, these are a lot less bulky than most screws and plus they just look cool. I would not recommend these if you like to stand right over your trucks because they will be raised off your deck. It won't affect the traction between your shoe and the board but it will feel like you're stepping on something weird on your deck.