Rogers Bros. 4-Way Footstop

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If you're in the market for a solid footstop, you've got to check out Rogers Brothers 4-Way Footstop! These footstops are flippable and rotatable, so you can set them up for a Goofy or Regular stance, as well as choose whether you want your foot stop with concave to hold you in, or convex to just give your foot something to push up against.

Whether you're downhilling or freeriding, this footstop will lock you in and let you know where your foot is at all time.

Rogers Bros.'s Description

Adjusts for goofy or regular. Adjustable angle concave or convex contact surface. 6061-T6 Aluminum


Amazing for electric long boards and down hill speeds!
on 2021-06-17 Verified Purchase
I bought 2 of these for my Shark Wheel electric longboard and they are a game changer. They add good stability while riding, overall these allow me to carve harder, ride faster, and not have to worry about speed wobbling. They shipped fast and are pretty easy to install, plus they are a lot lighter than I expected so that's great too. A great purchase!
Pretty sick
on 2021-02-05 Verified Purchase
Firstly, this is much bigger than I imagined. Compared to the Rogers Bros Standard V2 Footstop, this is quite a bit bigger. It's really great to have a concave AND convex footstop option though. It also feels really nice on my foot. Thought I'd be addicted to the convex option because I prefer I less restricted footstop, but honestly, dialing in the right angle for the concave option has proved to be nice. It's much easier to adjust the angle compared to other footstops such as the V2 from Rogers Bros. Good purchase, still deciding if it's $30 good, but definitely pick one up and try it out.