Bones 8mm x 10mm Longboard Skateboard Bearing Spacers

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$4.95 USD

NOTE: 8mm x 10mm spacers will fit almost all standard longboard wheels. If you are using 10mm axle trucks, you will need different spacers!

If you have been considering adding longboard skateboard bearing spacers to your longboard, you should read the following:

Adding spacers in between your bearings will align the bearing to the inner hub of your wheel. This will effectively reduce friction and movement inside the hub of the bearing. With spacers installed, the energy between turns is absorbed by the wheel and not the bearing itself, reducing impact and side load on the be bearing itself.

Reducing stress on your bearing components will help prevent your bearings from exploding or seizing up while riding your longboard. In addition to stress reduction, adding spacers will hold your wheels steady on your trucks during slides, preventing that annoying and sometimes dangerous choppiness experienced when sliding square-lipped wheels. Ultimately, you will have a bearing that will endure the demands of a downhill racer or freerider.

If you are doing any Racing, Downhill, Freeride, and especially Slides and hard carves, you will want to add Bearing Spacers to your Longboard Skateboard.

One pack is enough for 4 wheels


Worked as advertised for a cheap price.
on 2020-06-03 Verified Purchase
5 bucks isn't allot considering it will make whatever bearings you have last longer while doing fun things like sliding.
on 2015-11-06 Verified Purchase
These spacers are great. I don't know what brand spacers was included in my Arbur Genesis 38 complete set up, but these have a better finish and were definitely a bit lighter and thinner.