Array Machined Barrel Cupped & Barrel Sleeved Washer Combo Pack - Four Pack

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The Array washers are some of the raddest innovations we've seen come from of the longboarding industry as of late. These 303 machined stainless steel washers that sit on the barrel bushings of your choice and stays right where it's meant to be while keeping the bushing engaged and running at it's full, responsive potential. "Normal" flat and cupped washers move back and forth against the kingpin when you're turning hard, pumping and putting force on the trucks. Over time this can cause problems (such as broken kingpins) if you're not careful. Array machined washer sit snug against the kingpin and ensures the truck moves as one system, not a bunch of pieces of metal and urethane moving against one another.
We were lucky enough to try these washers out before the hit our shelves and we are stoked to say the least. The response we're getting from our bushings is much better than it is using a standard flat washer. Throw these on your trucks with your bushings of choice and you'll be swearing you're on some precision trucks. Shoot, imagine putting these washers ON PRECISION'S. That'd be like a double precision. Your friends will be jealous. Keep your eyes on that board!

Array's Description

At Griffin Skateboards, we have noticed there is a problem with the standard washer cups on all stock skateboard trucks today. People are snapping their kingpins on their trucks left and right. The grade 8 washer and grade 8 kingpin in combination with bushings that are too soft are hanging up the kingpin and snapping it. Old, traditional washer cups surf around on the bushing and on the kingpin too much. It's about time we have a state of the art washer that works to help the rider be safe. We have been working on solving this problem since 2009 We believe we have the solution: The Array cupped and sleeved washer ! We have already sent some to our best customers with an excellent response.

Why Are These Better?
Array cupped and sleeved washerswhere the first machined sleeved gripped washer cup system for the skateboard truck. The patented Array machined rings give's the washer more grip on the bushing, king pin and the baseplate, the central sleeve gives added rebound on the bushing. This system will work on all stock skateboard trucks in the market along with CNC, LDP, slalom, and downhill, street trucks. Array washer system wants you be able to adjust your trucks in the best way, using our washer system. Array washers will add a higher level of performance for your skateboard trucks
How do I install them?

Take a king pin point it down on the head, add your Array washer slide the bushing on the washer and press down on the bushing on a table or hard surface. Adding to a truck take a truck base plate with a king pin installed, add the Array washer and a bushing add the hanger and press down on the hanger and hold on the base plate on a table or hard surface. Top bushing add the bushing to the hanger and king pin then the Array washer add the nut and tighten down. Note on harder bushing will pop out if not held down by a nut if brand new and can be harder to install than softer bushing.


on 2020-01-05 Verified Purchase
These will change your board, carving with high confidence, secure, and worth every penny...
Quality washers
on 2017-03-05 Verified Purchase
Although they are somewhat restrictive at first you get used to it making you more stable at higher speeds. Also if your on the fence about buying them due to their steep price when you get them youll feel the quality difference of long lasting cnc'd steel vs cast that will deform over time. Not these, these washers are the real deal.
Pricey but worth it.
on 2016-12-23 Verified Purchase
They really seems to make the bushings more consistent. The cupped washer works great on the board side, back truck but I've found that I still like a conventional curved cupped washer on the front truck. The sleeved washer eliminates that initial slop and dead feel in those few degrees from truck center. It also restricts the bushing slightly so you might run with 1 duro softer than usual. The bushing fits snugly in the cup and caused some noise but scraping a little soap in there made it silent again.
A must have!
on 2016-12-12 Verified Purchase
The turns feels more precise. These make your board more predictable
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Fun Freeride
on 2016-07-28 Verified Purchase
This set of washers gives you great lean while keeping a good return-to-center from the cup washers. I got these with some Venom Barrel SHR formula bushings and my ride certainly feels more consistent. If these weren't so expensive they'd be a 5/5 for sure.