MuirSkate Beasto Double Barrical/Elim Washers Package

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$4.25 USD

The Double Barrical/Elim Washer Package includes FOUR (4) 1" Aluminum Grade Flat Washers just enough for two trucks.

The flat washers will keep bushings from deforming when tightening your trucks.

Mostly Used with Reverse Kingpin longboard skateboard trucks like Calibers, Paris V2, Bear 852 Grizzly's.

Flat Washer Dimensions: Outer Diameter - 25.5mm Inner Diameter - 9.8mm Thickness - 2mm


Great For Versatility
on 2021-05-23 Verified Purchase
Even if your not a specific type of rider, or if you don't care too much about high-performance tweaks, having a pair of flat washers is just a good alternative to have in your hardware bag. It's fun just to try the different combinations of all cupped, flat / cupped or all flat while also tweaking the tightness of the bushings to find a new and interesting way to ride or better what you were trying to achieve... either way it's fun and easy! (Just there was a small size avaliable!)