MuirSkate Steez Enhancing Lanyard

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$6.95 USD
Available as a FREE Gift with any order over $50.00

Having problems finding your car keys? Attach a Muirskate Steez Enhancing Lanyard!

Going to a show? Use it to hang your ID card or Pass!

Wear with pride and rep you favorite skate shop!


on 2019-07-23 Verified Purchase
gives extra steeze! connected it to a whistle when I hosted a dh skate event
Normal groovystarlord
Good quality
on 2019-06-15 Verified Purchase
Good quality lanyard that ups your cool factor by 2x.
the steeze was instant
on 2019-04-25 Verified Purchase
the second I opened the box, a hammering wall of steeze smashed over me and I couldn't believe how different my life was! sturdy construction, if a little light. not so cheap that you can't handle having it around. currently in key ring use, I give it 5 years
on 2019-04-13 Verified Purchase
Great thing to have!! Never loose your keys again!
on 2018-12-23 Verified Purchase
This was a add on bonus to my purchase, kids like this kine of stuff.
on 2016-05-10 Verified Purchase
Honestly, i just gave it to my friend cause he really wanted it, but he said its freakishly comfortable and is awesome.
on 2016-04-23 Verified Purchase
Does indeed increase steez. My estimation is by about 10% of your current steez. (also the blue one is sick)
It's just a lanyard
on 2016-02-12 Verified Purchase
But it comes with a +10 steez buff, totally worth.
on 2015-10-18 Verified Purchase
This came free from Muir with one of the orders I placed. Nice lanyard! Gotta love Muir!
Love it.
on 2015-09-28 Verified Purchase
It's pretty awesome. Got it as a free gift. I use it for my keys now and it's great to have.