Sector 9 Bearing Butter

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Sometimes its polite to lube it up before you start riding, for both your sakes...

Sector 9 Bearing Butter is designed specifically designed for skateboard bearings. It comes in an easy-to-use bottle that allows the user to squirt the lubricant into the bearing. Unlike other lubricants, Sector 9 Bearing Butter does not attract dirt and dust and leaves your bearings nice and clean.

If your bearings are starting to make noise and not spin as smoothly then its time to clean them. Pick up a Bones Bearing Cleaning Unit and a bottle of the Bearing Butter to properly clean your bearings. Once your bearings are dirt free, squirt some Bearing Butter into the bearing and give it a few spins. After that, you'll be good to start skating again!

Sector 9's Description

Reduced Friction
Cooler bearings
No molecular shear
Increased board speed
Does not attract dust or dirt
Bearings will last longer


Pulverizer oil sprays everywhere but not in the bearing.
on 2016-07-03 Verified Purchase
It is not economical package. Pulverizer oil sprays everywhere but not in the bearing. I recommend to take pulivilizator and dripping syringe.
not a lot...
on 2016-06-30 Verified Purchase
It improves the rolling speed of bearings that are getting old, but there is only enough for about 15-20 bearings.
Convenient applicator
on 2016-05-10
This is a spritzer. After cleaning and drying your bearings, spritz this one time into your bearings, spin, and thrash for days! Convenient packaging sits nicely into your gear bag without worrying about any leaks. Enough lube for about 10 sets of bearings.