Ojoom Slide Pucks

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The Ojoom Slide Pucks are a favorite among local riders. They are big, last a long and slide effortless on any surface.

Grab yours today, you wont be disappointed!


Material: UHMW Polyethylene
Dimensions: 3" x 3"
Color: Yellow
Pucks: 1 Pair
Velcro: 1 Pair, Hook (Hard) Side

Ojoom's Description

"John", The owner of Ojoom Slide Pucks felt compelled to make sure each one of us had an opportunity to order Ojoom pucks for our shops. We jumped at the opportunity. We have been a supporter of Ojoom for many year, mainly because we use them ourselves. We love using his pucks, and we are always stoked to offer them to our customers. We will post on Instagram when they become available at Muirskate.com. Sick!!

Slick, near-indestructible, and scented with the sweet aroma of success, Ojoom Pucks are the best way to keep your mits from melting when your shredding serious gnar. With their beveled edges and self-lubricating material, the puck glides effortlessly across the pavement, keeping your hands from getting hung up on the unpredictabilities of the road. Gear up with the best, acquire Ojoom.


on 2021-12-23 Verified Purchase
Last forever and perfect resistance level
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as good as they say...
on 2021-09-30 Verified Purchase
..I've used BlackLab pucks for years(greatbut inconsistent manufacturing times) . Tried BamBam but they get sharp after bevel wears . These yellow ojoom pucks slid fro first Coleman like freaking butter. Not even that 2 day ,break in period ; just mount on riser & slap it on the tarmac = you'll slide on a pillow of palm air.... A+ slide-pucks that seem likely to last 3,4X as long as the next best puck.
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Willy Wonka
on 2020-11-18 Verified Purchase
The Everlasting Gobstopper of slide pucks. If you know, you know.
best pucks
on 2020-11-18 Verified Purchase
they last forever and look like bars of soap. win win
on 2019-05-05 Verified Purchase
allows you to have total control of your hand placement while sliding. Get them while you can!
Normal sokka
Great Pucks
on 2017-11-24
my friend has these pucks, and he has had the for over a year now. His pucks still can probably last another year. Can't wait to get mine
on 2017-08-16 Verified Purchase
I can't wait till these get here in a few days. my landyachtz are down to the velcro, paper thin puck
on 2017-07-23
these are the best pucks iv'e ridden they have no resistance lots of pucks have resistance my sector nine and landyzachtz pucks have had resistance i absolutely love these pucks
on 2017-05-27 Verified Purchase
The first slide I thought I didn't even put my glove down. They are dead silent in a slide. Even through a whole day of sliding I can't see any wear on the pucks. They provide a very buttery and silent slide with minimal wear. 10/10 would buy again
Best mofos out there
on 2017-04-22 Verified Purchase
Smooth as butter last longer than most pucks Best on the market
Last Longer than…
on 2016-12-08 Verified Purchase
People are not joking when they say that these pucks last for a VERY long time. I've had multiple sessions with plenty of hands-down slides and these things have only been scratched; no shaving at all, except for the edges where they shave VERY slightly. I am incredibly impressed, and when these pucks wear completely or at least so that they are not useable anymore, which I really don't think will happen in the next few months, I will be buying these pucks again. They slide well, too, if that matters (ha).
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Better than anything else.
on 2016-12-06
I have tried a lot of pucks and these are by far the best out there. They may be a little pricey to some people. But for the quality and use you get out of them, completely worth it. I go out and skate almost everyday. I slide a lot, and fall a lot too, these pucks catch me and carry me without feeling like they are wearing down. Right out of the box they are smooth and clean, and after the first couple slides they still feel smooth. They get rougher the more you slide, but the wear is even and the feeling is just as good as when you first bought them. If you haven't tried these pucks then you are missing out, and spending more money to replace yours. I've been sliding and sliding and I'll go through a few set of wheels before I need to think about buying new pucks.
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Exceed Their Expectations
on 2016-10-06 Verified Purchase
I expected Ojoom pucks to be pretty good considering they have a lot of people using them. Coming from stock Landyachtz pucks, these truly did exceed my expectations and if for whatever reason I need new ones, I know where to find them.
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on 2016-09-15 Verified Purchase
definitely the best pucks out there. yesterday i bought some sector 9 slide gloves and the pucks that came with it wore off pretty noticeably after a few sessions. then yesterday i got my ojoom pucks and slapped them right onto my gloves and bam! i was sliding, and sliding, and sliding, all morning and the wear was unnoticable and they were also noticeably more smooth and buttery. and these didn't drag my hand back like some other pucks out there. definitely worth the money.
buttery smooth, and long lasting too
on 2016-08-18 Verified Purchase
Awesome, just as advertised. They wear down a lot slower than I had thought they would . One run down a mile hill and they didn't really shave off much! Definitely going to stick with Ojoom for pucks
Best Pucks Hands Down (Pun Intended)
on 2016-05-12 Verified Purchase
These pucks are super slick, and extremely long lasting compared to any other puck I've used. Literally can't go back to using anything else.
Slide like a dream
on 2016-04-24 Verified Purchase
It can't go wrong with ojoom pucks, all around perfect product. After getting ojoom pucks you will never go back to something else.
Ojoom over every other brand
on 2016-03-31
These pucks are better than all of the other companies making pucks combined.
The Best Puck out There
on 2016-02-24 Verified Purchase
You can not find a better, longer lasting puck than this. Do not buy any other puck this is all you will ever need!!!
Normal img 20160610 000839
Amazing pucks!!!
on 2016-01-15 Verified Purchase
I really like these pucks. I've tried a few different brands and these ones are my new favorite.
on 2015-11-30 Verified Purchase
Dope as hell, long lasting, and affordable.