MuirSkate Double-Take Shades - red

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$6.95 USD
Available as a FREE Gift with any order over $50.00

Staying Steezy has never been so easy! The new steeze enhancing MuirSkate Double -Take shades offer the ultimate sun and UV protection. Black frames and mirrored gold/orange/green lenses keep you styling all day long. Seriously though, these shades turns heads and will make the ladies do double takes.


on 2019-10-04 Verified Purchase
Exactly what I expected from a pair of shades. It's hard to get these wrong.
on 2019-09-10 Verified Purchase
Its so cool
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dope sunglasses
on 2019-07-11 Verified Purchase
Sunglasses are cool.
on 2019-06-24 Verified Purchase
I got these rad glasses for free! And I'm super pumped bc 1. Free glasses and 2. I get to represent Muir skate! They also do their job really well protecting my eyes from the Florida sun so thank you Muir! 🤟
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These shades man
on 2019-06-20 Verified Purchase
Cling to your face really well, and do a great job blocking uv.
Clutch Cheap
on 2019-06-09 Verified Purchase
Yes they're plastic. But they're free. If you must lose glasses, make sure they were free
My favorite shades
on 2019-06-06 Verified Purchase
Most comfortable and best looking sunglasses I've ever owned
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Wait what free....
on 2019-06-01 Verified Purchase
Super dope shades perfect lenses thanks you guys are the best
Shades needed adjustment.
on 2019-05-05 Verified Purchase
One arm on the shades was extremely tight, my son informed me. I told him it would loosen up. He complained again the next day, so I handed him a screw driver, he adjusted the arm screw, and he has been happy with the shades since.
Great look
on 2019-04-25
Super cool shades!
Dope shades
on 2019-04-24
Got them for free but will be buying another pair for sure. Great quality and lenses hold up to Miami sunshine no problem.
on 2019-04-19 Verified Purchase
My son thought the shades are rad!
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on 2019-03-18 Verified Purchase
nice glasses
Unexpected quality
on 2019-01-05 Verified Purchase
I got these with some trucks I bought, not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. The quality is good and the lenses work well with light filtering. Going to get a second pair for my girlfriend.
cool and fast.
on 2019-01-01 Verified Purchase
Faster and looking cool doing it.
Sweet shades
on 2018-12-26 Verified Purchase
Dope shades! Actual as mirror front as pictured. Great gift add-on!
Cheap and awesome
on 2017-01-01
These shades are cheap but are high quality and, you don't feel bad if you lose or break them.
Cheap and That's Great!
on 2016-12-08 Verified Purchase
Cheap, very dark, and I'm not afraid to break them. They're shades -- try them out.
on 2016-07-25 Verified Purchase
I've been buying at least 2 pairs of these shades every year for the past 5 years!! I'm always getting compliments on them and people assume there an expensive brand. Great product for the value!
on 2016-07-02 Verified Purchase
Love these super cool shades! Perfect accessory to add to your person while skating
Great Pair of Free Glasses
on 2016-06-16 Verified Purchase
Free with order-can't beat that and daughter love them.. All that needs to be said.
Cant go wrong for free
on 2016-06-13 Verified Purchase
Free is worth it!
Normal image
on 2016-05-12 Verified Purchase
Very nice shades for the money. I will be a repeat buyer of these
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on 2016-04-15 Verified Purchase
Nice shades.
Sick Shades
on 2016-02-24 Verified Purchase
Free things in life tend to have poor quality, but these were great. Work and look amazing.
on 2016-01-19 Verified Purchase
Cool shades
on 2015-11-16 Verified Purchase
Light shadows makes it a bit sketch not bad for ten bills
That shit you need
on 2015-10-25 Verified Purchase
Sun getting you down? Cop a pair of the ultimate cleavage peepers. Hear that? Its the sound of panties dropping over your swag ass shades.
durability man
on 2015-10-18 Verified Purchase
I sat on them and bent them a little and they just bent back and it's still stylin. Great shades
on 2015-09-18 Verified Purchase
on 2015-08-27 Verified Purchase
Sweet shades.
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Cheap but stylish
on 2015-07-29 Verified Purchase
These are made of cheap plastic but they look good, work well, and I don't have to worry about breaking them because they're so cheap. Definitely the best free gift (which is a redundant term btw. All gifts are free hahaha).
Super Steez
on 2015-05-20 Verified Purchase
These things are sick. They work better for around $10 than a pair of $30 gas station glasses.
cool shades
on 2015-04-30 Verified Purchase
very nice, these give me laser beam vision like superman