MuirSkate Double-Take Shades - red

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$6.95 USD
Available as a FREE Gift with any order over $75.00

Staying Steezy has never been so easy! The new steeze enhancing MuirSkate Double -Take shades offer the ultimate sun and UV protection. Black frames and mirrored gold/orange/green lenses keep you styling all day long. Seriously though, these shades turn heads and will make the ladies do double-takes.


on 2021-02-13 Verified Purchase
Best bubble wrap ever, thoroughly enjoyed popping it. Also the shades are pretty dope
on 2021-01-29 Verified Purchase
my daughter loves them
on 2020-10-14 Verified Purchase
I dont really wear sunglasses but i took my ol lady to UCLA for her brain surgery and on the way down i wore these because the sun was in our eyes and i can honestly say these glasses kicked ass on the sun.........can you say POLARIZED..........great gift, thanx Muir
on 2020-10-14 Verified Purchase
I dont really wear sunglasses but i took my ol lady to UCLA for her brain surgery and on the way down i wore these because the sun was in our eyes and i can honestly say these glasses kicked ass on the sun.........can you say POLARIZED..........great gift, thanx Muir
These are rad
on 2020-10-13 Verified Purchase
I haven’t stopped wearing these, they came a free gift with my board and they’ve been my go-to sunglasses since.
Normal ryartu2
They look great...
on 2020-10-03 Verified Purchase
This shades get the work done, save your eyes from the sun and the bugs ahha i got sting by a bee above one of my eyes because i din't use shades before that hehe now i always protect my eyes you never know went something is gonna happen...
All my friends use Muir...
on 2020-09-17 Verified Purchase we all have matching sunglasses. If you can ignore how dorky that is, these are pretty dope.
on 2020-09-13 Verified Purchase
I best my skate shades to death so these are perfect for pushing.
on 2020-09-13 Verified Purchase
Nice shades!
Sweet shades
on 2020-09-11 Verified Purchase
I was expecting these to not be good considering they were free w/ my board...wrong. These are nice shades! Perfect, no. But way better than I expected. I might buy a few more pairs while I can just to have some spares!
These shades are my favorite, and the best
on 2020-09-05 Verified Purchase
They’re tinted but still let you see road marks and important things. Literally my favorite shades for riding. And for the price you don’t have to worry about breaking them or losing them. Literally could not ask for a better deal.
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No Glare
on 2020-08-25 Verified Purchase
Reflects the sun light back at your foes.
on 2020-08-21 Verified Purchase
I have several pairs now. They are nicely polarized. Not too dark for skating. Don't have to worry about not seeing rocks and dying. Hard to find completely mirrored shades that do that.
on 2020-08-02 Verified Purchase
You guys are awesome I loved everything I got from you guys and previously bought thank you
Thanks for the Muir Shades
on 2020-07-09 Verified Purchase
Thanks for the Muir Shades
Ok...I really like these.
on 2020-07-04 Verified Purchase
Got these free with my order and really didnt expect to like them. After wearing them for a few days I am ordering a couple more pair. Look great, are very comfortable, and have the perfect amount of tint to not be too dark but still cuts out the glare.
on 2020-07-01 Verified Purchase
For a pair of free sunglasses they are nice
I wear them at night...
on 2020-01-07 Verified Purchase
Because when you're this cool, the sun shines on you 24 hours a day.
on 2019-12-15 Verified Purchase
Nice freebie
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Works well as they look
on 2019-10-24 Verified Purchase
They look good on just about anybody I've given a set to and offer protection for the sun. I tend to be moving west alot of the time as the sun goes down, and they really cut down on the fatigue. But... every now and then some of the hinges attached aren't centered and they'll sit off centered. Can't complain tho, they come in the package as a bonus.
Price was right!
on 2019-10-06 Verified Purchase
Got these free when I ordered from Muirskate. They look good. Fit good. Will rock them until they break.
on 2019-10-04 Verified Purchase
Exactly what I expected from a pair of shades. It's hard to get these wrong.
on 2019-09-10 Verified Purchase
Its so cool
Normal meskate3
dope sunglasses
on 2019-07-11 Verified Purchase
Sunglasses are cool.
on 2019-06-24 Verified Purchase
I got these rad glasses for free! And I'm super pumped bc 1. Free glasses and 2. I get to represent Muir skate! They also do their job really well protecting my eyes from the Florida sun so thank you Muir! 🤟
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These shades man
on 2019-06-20 Verified Purchase
Cling to your face really well, and do a great job blocking uv.
Clutch Cheap
on 2019-06-09 Verified Purchase
Yes they're plastic. But they're free. If you must lose glasses, make sure they were free
My favorite shades
on 2019-06-06 Verified Purchase
Most comfortable and best looking sunglasses I've ever owned
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Wait what free....
on 2019-06-01 Verified Purchase
Super dope shades perfect lenses thanks you guys are the best
Shades needed adjustment.
on 2019-05-05 Verified Purchase
One arm on the shades was extremely tight, my son informed me. I told him it would loosen up. He complained again the next day, so I handed him a screw driver, he adjusted the arm screw, and he has been happy with the shades since.
Great look
on 2019-04-25
Super cool shades!
Dope shades
on 2019-04-24
Got them for free but will be buying another pair for sure. Great quality and lenses hold up to Miami sunshine no problem.
on 2019-04-19 Verified Purchase
My son thought the shades are rad!
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on 2019-03-18 Verified Purchase
nice glasses
Unexpected quality
on 2019-01-05 Verified Purchase
I got these with some trucks I bought, not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. The quality is good and the lenses work well with light filtering. Going to get a second pair for my girlfriend.
cool and fast.
on 2019-01-01 Verified Purchase
Faster and looking cool doing it.
Sweet shades
on 2018-12-26 Verified Purchase
Dope shades! Actual as mirror front as pictured. Great gift add-on!
Cheap and awesome
on 2017-01-01
These shades are cheap but are high quality and, you don't feel bad if you lose or break them.
Cheap and That's Great!
on 2016-12-08 Verified Purchase
Cheap, very dark, and I'm not afraid to break them. They're shades -- try them out.
on 2016-07-25 Verified Purchase
I've been buying at least 2 pairs of these shades every year for the past 5 years!! I'm always getting compliments on them and people assume there an expensive brand. Great product for the value!
on 2016-07-02 Verified Purchase
Love these super cool shades! Perfect accessory to add to your person while skating
Great Pair of Free Glasses
on 2016-06-16 Verified Purchase
Free with order-can't beat that and daughter love them.. All that needs to be said.
Cant go wrong for free
on 2016-06-13 Verified Purchase
Free is worth it!
Normal image
on 2016-05-12 Verified Purchase
Very nice shades for the money. I will be a repeat buyer of these
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on 2016-04-15 Verified Purchase
Nice shades.
Sick Shades
on 2016-02-24 Verified Purchase
Free things in life tend to have poor quality, but these were great. Work and look amazing.
on 2016-01-19 Verified Purchase
Cool shades
on 2015-11-16 Verified Purchase
Light shadows makes it a bit sketch not bad for ten bills
That shit you need
on 2015-10-25 Verified Purchase
Sun getting you down? Cop a pair of the ultimate cleavage peepers. Hear that? Its the sound of panties dropping over your swag ass shades.
durability man
on 2015-10-18 Verified Purchase
I sat on them and bent them a little and they just bent back and it's still stylin. Great shades
on 2015-09-18 Verified Purchase
on 2015-08-27 Verified Purchase
Sweet shades.
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Cheap but stylish
on 2015-07-29 Verified Purchase
These are made of cheap plastic but they look good, work well, and I don't have to worry about breaking them because they're so cheap. Definitely the best free gift (which is a redundant term btw. All gifts are free hahaha).
Super Steez
on 2015-05-20 Verified Purchase
These things are sick. They work better for around $10 than a pair of $30 gas station glasses.
cool shades
on 2015-04-30 Verified Purchase
very nice, these give me laser beam vision like superman