Blood Orange - Neon Blue Heavy Duty Grit 11" Width Grip Tape

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Blood Orange griptape was designed for durability, strength, and maximum grip while your skating. The extra-thick PVC backing doesn't pile under your feet, even in high temperatures.

Tacky, but not overly grippy, you will love Blood Orange griptape whether you're freeriding racing. Throw some on your board today and point it won't be disappointed!

Blood Orange's Description

Along with our riders input, we developed a heavy-duty super-coarse grit for maximum traction. Tacky, but not overly grippy, you will love Blood Orange Griptape under your feet whether you’re freeriding or racing.
Available in 7 colors to customize your ride
Refined, ultra-sharp grit for superior traction
Specially-coated surface for long-lasting durability
Extra-tacky thin backing allows for edge wrapping, if that's your game
Increased grit-size for added control
Non-toxic and Earth-friendly
Packs include 4 10"x11" sheets


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Didn't buy enough, still great
on 2018-09-06 Verified Purchase
I accidentally ordered only 24" of this grip for my 37" board, so I ended up having to get crafty. This stuff is super gritty and hard to cut, it's really hard to work with if you plan on cutting it into strips like I did, but it's super grippy and I love it.
Great grip, but with some issues
on 2017-07-24 Verified Purchase
This grip is very grippy and incredibly gritty as well. It's cut my leg even in a few places from carrying it! Although, if you're planning on getting the neon blue color be wary that it does get dirty easily and it won't remain bright blue for long. It also does loose grippiness somewhat quickly if you regularly skate at higher speeds. The places where my feet usually go when I tuck even at 25-30+ are noticeably different from when I purchased. Also, be careful when you grip your board as this grip DOES NOT want to be cut. You will need a sharp razor to cut this grip. I cut my fingers a little bit with my razor trying to grip this thing.
very good
on 2016-07-24 Verified Purchase
i like it alot but it is not the best out there
Great, but hard to cut.
on 2016-01-14 Verified Purchase
The grip itself is great. Easily comparable to Vicious. But, if you are gripping the board yourself, prepare to get a super shard knife because this grip will give you hell and bumpy edges if you don't.
on 2015-12-08 Verified Purchase
Nice medium sized stickers to stick anywhere you want!
great grip
on 2015-11-14
Super grippy, I've had it for two months of constant freeriding and its held most of the grit and hasn't killed a pair of shoes yet