RipTide (2) Pivot Cups

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Quantity 1 = 2 Pivot cups. Enough for two trucks.

****For your Carver pivots skateboard trucks, each pack comes with a front truck (CX4) pivot cup and a rear (C2) Pivot Cup**** Get your Carver trucks dialed up, grab a pack today!

An often overlooked, yet vital, part to a longboard is a pivot cup. These are little cups that are seated into the baseplate of the truck. With the constant forces of a turning longboard, the pivot cups will begin to wear and some slop will begin to develop.

By replacing your pivots (when they are worn) you are essentially making your truck turn like new because there is no longer any slop. These things are cheap and will freshen up your ride! Good pivots = trucks that feel like precisions.

Arsenal Cast
Height: ~18.42mm
Outer Diameter: ~17.82mm
Inner Diameter: ~12.66

Height: ~15.50mm
Outer Diameter: ~21.02mm
Inner Diameter: ~18.83mm

Bear Kodiak
Height: ~14.65mm
Outer Diameter: ~17.85mm
Inner Diameter: ~13mm

Caliber I
Height: ~18.46mm
Outer Diameter: ~17.94mm
Inner Diameter: ~12.65mm

Caliber II
Height: ~16.20mm
Outer Diameter: ~17.90mm
Inner Diameter: ~12.66

Caliber Precision
Height: ~17.17mm
Outer Diameter: ~17.73mm
Inner Diameter: ~12.43mm

Gullwing Reverse + Charger II
Height: ~14.93mm
Outer Diameter: ~18.07mm
Inner Diameter: ~12.70mm

Height: ~12.20mm
Outer Diameter: ~16.05mm
Inner Diameter: ~11.25mm

Height: ~12.22mm
Outer Diameter: ~18.06mm
Inner Diameter: ~11.27mm

Paris Street
Height: ~15.08mm
Outer Diameter: ~17.67mm
Inner Diameter: ~12.65mm

Paris V3
Height: ~14.262mm
Outer Diameter: ~17.89mm
Inner Diameter: ~12.62mm

Height: ~16.98mm
Outer Diameter: ~17.43mm
Inner Diameter: ~10.43

Polar Bear
Height: ~12.08mm
Outer Diameter: ~15.98mm
Inner Diameter: ~11.01mm

Rogue Cast
Height: ~16.44mm
Outer Diameter: ~17.87mm
Inner Diameter: ~12.86mm

RipTide's Description

RipTide Pivot Cups and Tubes are the result of two years of beta testing in every possible condition that Colorado’s high country can deliver.

RipTide’s pivots are specifically designed for each truck. We do not offer universal styles because of the compromises a universal pivot forces you to make. In many cases, we offer both tubes and cups for the same truck. Both offer the smooth turning benefits of RipTide’s exclusive internally lubricated WFB Urethane in 96a but the Tube offers even lower friction due to the reduced surface contact with the nose of the hanger.

The Cups are first molded and then the end is machined to fit the truck’s base plate perfectly, leaving the pivot contact area is as smooth as possible. No machining imperfections and no heat affected zone in the pivot contact area. The Tubes on the other hand are 100% molded and no machining is required.


Much better than stock
on 2021-08-13 Verified Purchase
Took a lot of the slop out of a paris V3 180mm. No more squeak either!
They work
on 2021-03-21 Verified Purchase
Put them in Paris Savants with Venom Barrels are you're riding precision trucks for half the price
Caliber II for Air trucks
on 2021-03-11 Verified Purchase
Purchased the caliber II WFB pivots for my airtrucks and experienced a substantial difference. Follow my IG: @dmndboyrob for photos of my builds
Must Have Upgrade
on 2021-02-23 Verified Purchase
Must have upgrade in any set of trucks, feels so smooth!
on 2020-10-23 Verified Purchase
Keeps the trucks in line.
on 2020-10-14 Verified Purchase
these fit right in and there is nothing better than spending money and actually being able to say you can tell the difference in the product you spent your cash on..........and they are from my home town SB EASTSIDE
Normal ryartu2
Like a ring on my toe!!
on 2020-10-03 Verified Purchase
Perfect fit for my Caliber II Trucks, RipTide is the thing! theres Soda (Standard pivot cups) and there is Cocacola (RipTide)... ehhehe
Best ever
on 2020-08-12 Verified Purchase
Muirskate always has great service. Scott seems like he really cares and goes out of his way to give good service.
Great Upgrade
on 2020-06-10 Verified Purchase
Purchased these to replace a worn out set in a set of Paris V2 trucks. These are a noticeable upgrade from stock!
on 2020-04-25 Verified Purchase
Exactly what I ordered, thank you, never disappointed with you guys!
Riptide Pivot Cups
on 2020-02-18 Verified Purchase
Arrive faster! thankkks!
Normal logo cartoon 2
Smooth cups
on 2020-01-25 Verified Purchase
Responsive to my turn
Sick AF
on 2017-10-27 Verified Purchase
Nice and snappy ride. Gets that gangster lean going down those 40mph straights and hairpins. And i can sleep at knowing I can specifically choose the cup for a certain pair of trucks.
Normal img 4649
on 2017-07-02
Came stock with my Strummers and these things paired with a ball pivot are smooth as butteh.
Smooth carving
on 2016-10-09 Verified Purchase
I have added them to Gullwing Reverse and improved the smooth carving capabilities of that truck. The "Paris" fits the Gullwing ProIII flush and enhances the carve of the truck with smooth quiet carved.
Smooth as Buttah
on 2016-05-31 Verified Purchase
Just using these for cruising/carving on my S9 Lookout with Paris V2s and Blood Orange Alpine series wheels. They are super smooth yet responsive. LOVE the setup!
Better than stock, even forge ones
on 2016-05-10 Verified Purchase
Although the pivots on Kodiaks are not necessarily bad, this Riptide cups were an improvement, making the Kodiaks even better.
Normal image
Review of caliber pivot cups
on 2016-01-05
I have one word for these, and it is amazing. My current pivots have been in for a year, and provide an amazing amount of slop reduction and stability, without compromising the turn. When I first put these in, I kept on falling off because I was not used to such a consistent lean. They might be pricey, but they will make your trucks feel amazing. Pair these with any of riptide's bushings, and your friends will be jealous of how good your trucks feel. (Mine are)
Could be better
on 2015-11-05 Verified Purchase
Heads up The bear version of These pivot cups is too short for the bear gen 5s, the pivot needs to be deeper so the truck can fit in all the way. The hanger sticks out a good noticeable amount compared to the stock cup. (And yes I ordered he right one, the "bear" pivot cup.)
on 2015-08-29 Verified Purchase
Having tried this pivot cup urethane in Calibers 2s and Paris V2s, i can say that these are a great choice for riders who enjoy having liberal control over their trucks. The wfb 96a formula allows for smooth 100% controlled cornering; Whilst also providing just the right amount twitch to allow the rider to know what the output of their input into their trucks will be when steering. Great to combo with Riptide bushings !