Rayne High Society Safety Meeting Slide Gloves + Pucks

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In day-to-day life, idle hands leads to unproductively. However in the world of Rayne, Idle Hands are definitely a good thing.
We all know you like to keep the hands idle while bombing hills, stand up styles are the way of the town these days, however safety is important and you may as well keep those idle hands looking steeze with a pair of Rayne Idle Hands gloves.
Featuring 100% Deer Skin leather to keep you protected while still maintaining a low-profile design, coupled with reinforced 'high-wear' areas and double-layered seems these gloves will be a sure pick for any situation.


To find out the right size slide glove, measure (in inches) around the circumference your hand, just below your knuckles (excluding your thumb). Next measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of your hand. We recommend using your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed, use the largest of these two measurements to find the right sized glove.

Hand Width - 7.0" to 7.5"
Hand Length - 7" to 7.2"

Hand Width - 7.5" to 8.0"
Hand Length - 7.2" to 7.5"

Hand Width - 8.0" to 8.6"
Hand Length - 7.5" to 7.7"

Hand Width - 8.6" to 9"
Hand Length - 7.7" to 8.0"

Hand Width - 9.1" to 9.6"
Hand Length - 8.0" to 8.2"

Rayne's Description

Rayne has now released their new slide glove for 2013 - Rayne Idle Hands Slide Gloves.

Here at Rayne Longboards, we believe in continuous innovation, so we're always evolving. With years of experience building high-performance decks for the World's best riders, we decided it was time to put Rayne on our hands and created the High Society Slide Gloves.


Thrash Protection - 100% Deer Skin Leather. Superior fit and knuckle safety so your hands never get thrashed.
Blow Out Prevention - Built tough. High Wear areas are reinforced and Critical Seams are all Double Layered


Best gloves on the market
on 2017-07-04
I bought these gloves over three years ago. I have been using the same pair consistently for the last three years, and they've lasted me through numerous puck changes. While they have massive holes in them at this point, they have worked and still do work for the hands down slides I have to do occasionally. All in all I highly recommend these gloves for all types of riders.
These are the best
on 2017-03-20
You want these gloves. They are the softest I have ever worn and so breathable. I don't even want to take them off.