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Ever have to carry three different types of wrenches and a screw driver while skating? Even if you haven't, you probably can see how much of a burden and safety issue that would be. Thanks to the Unit Tool, you can have everything you would possibly need in one neat T shaped tool. The lightweight and durable design features a 9/16" (kingpin nut), 3/8" (mounting hardware), and 1/2" (axle nut) socket; as well as a screw driver and Allen key for mounting hardware. All sharp corners are hidden on this little critter to make one rootin' tootin' knee spankin' T tool. Yeee Haww!

The Unit Skate Tool is compact enough to be thrown into a daily backpack and not be noticed. Wonderful for mid day adjustments to bomb hills or slalom in between your homies!

Unit's Description

The Unit Tool is a multi-functional skateboard tool that allows you to adjust axle nuts, mounting hardware, and the kingpin nut on the top of the truck. Features 9/16" socket, 3/8" socket, 1/2" socket, Allen key, and slide out Phillipshead screwdriver.


Great tool
on 2020-09-05 Verified Purchase
Performs as expected. Seems like something that would be hard to get wrong, but it’s definitely a great thing to carry. Never know when your bolts will become a little loose.
Loves it....
on 2020-07-16 Verified Purchase
This was a great addition to my little collection of skate related tools. As a man with tools a plenty, I am selective of the tools I buy. This one should be a part of anyone's tool collection. Sturdy, lightweight, wonderful bright color. Overall...a well done tool. I do wish however the 3/8 was either deeper or hollowed out for longer deck hardware...but hey I could always get shorter ones as well.
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A Skate Tool
on 2020-05-25 Verified Purchase
I got red Cool color I like it. Functions as A skate tool.
Everything you need
on 2019-04-25 Verified Purchase
Love it!
on 2019-01-26 Verified Purchase
Great little tool. I love the compliments I get on the bubblegum pink!