MuirSkate Beasto Double Barrel Washer Package

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Not stoked with the stock-standard setup your trucks come with? Think you need to change the way the truck turns without changing the bushing duros? Try playing with some different shaped washers to morph the way your bushings react while turning.

The Double Barrel Washer package has three different variations to give you less or more lean out of your trucks. Each variations includes FOUR (4) washers which is enough for two trucks.

Select the washers based on your intended riding purpose.

"Less Lean"
The FOUR (4) Large Cup Washer pack will keep both barrel bushings tight up against the wall of the washer restricting the bushing from deformation thus improving stability, rebound, as well as preventing wheelbite. This package is mostly used for downhilling and fast freeriding.

"Average Lean"
The TWO (2) Large Cup and TWO (2) Flat Washer pack is used to get a little more lean out of your trucks due to the flat washer.

"More Lean"
The FOUR (4) Flat Washer pack will provide the most lean out of your trucks.

Mostly Used with Reverse Kingpin longboard skateboard trucks like Calibers, Paris V2, Randal, Bear 852 Grizzly's, and many more.

Large Cup Dimensions:
Outer Diameter - 29.4mm
Inner Diameter - 9.8mm
Thickness - 2mm

Flat Washer Dimensions:
Outer Diameter - 25.5mm
Inner Diameter - 9.8mm
Thickness - 2mm

How to morph the feel of your trucks with washers:

To eliminate wheel-bite while running double barrel bushings, try adding a large cup washer to the top bushing (road-side). This will further cup around the bushing, restricting the amount it can compress and therefore decreasing the turning radius of your truck, and possibly eliminate wheel-bite.

To gain more turn from your trucks while running double barrel bushings, try putting a SMALL cup washer on the top bushing (road-side) and turn it upside down, with the cup part facing outwards. This will allow the top bushing to 'fold' around the cup washer, increasing the range it can compress and also makes your trucks feel more lively and turn more.


Solid hardware
on 2022-02-23 Verified Purchase
Great hardware at a super price...Go Muir!
on 2020-01-19 Verified Purchase
Sometimes hard to find decent washers cheap, muir gotta yeah
It is what it is
on 2019-07-13
I bought these to replace the washers that came with my rf-1/hardcore bushings. They're a great fit/match. Saves me a trip to the hardware store. What more do you want?
on 2015-08-28 Verified Purchase
These was here's are thicker than a stock flat washer or a Amish washer. Works well roadside but altered my truck geometry boardside.