Holesom Scented Slide Pucks

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Tired of stinky gloves? Holesom Scented Slide pucks are an excellent solution!

Available in six delicious and durable flavors, these pucks are sure to keep you smelling fresh while shredding your local hill. Indulge your senses during those technical downhill runs.

You’ll never come out of a pre-drift smelling better! And, each puck has three Holesom holes, making them light and, well…

Puck ya! Take a whiff: you’ll never take your PUCK OFF again.

Holesom's Description

Fast, durable, smellicious, super dense yet lightweight because of the holes. One pucks set includes two slide pucks and hook hospital grade (better than industrial grade) velcro, and a die-cut decal. Holesom Pucks supports Laguna Beach Animal Shelter - Thank You for that : )


They smell more after a few slides
on 2021-07-25
I was like HMM THESE DONT SMELL but they do
Birthday Gift shopping
on 2020-09-16 Verified Purchase
Birthday gift shopping just got easier! Thank you!! These is the perfect gift to keep giving over and over!
Awesome pucks
on 2020-02-19 Verified Purchase
Love em!!!
Normal img 3117
on 2017-06-04
Great pucks I have the p Swiss dreamsicle and blueberry pancake. The p swisses smell like nothing though
Normal img 0971
smell great, long lasting, feel great
on 2016-06-10
favorite pucks I've skated just cuz they smell good they definitely feel good and they last a long time:)
Normal capture
on 2016-05-21 Verified Purchase
The pucks where alright, however no scent and they had air bubbles in them that kept getting caught up on rough gravel.
Normal jewett 006
on 2015-09-24 Verified Purchase
the fruitless smells like key lime
Cocoa butter slide pucks
on 2015-08-27 Verified Purchase
slide nice smell really good, slide better once you wear them in