Venom Gangster Grip Tape 3-Pack - Heavy Duty Grit (10" x 11")

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Those dudes at Venom are known for being a little bit rough around the edges and,
Gangster Grip was designed for durability, strength, and maximum grip while your skating. The extra-thick PVC backing doesn't pile under your feet, even in high temperatures. Tacky, but not overly grippy, you will love Gangster Grip whether you're freeriding or racing. Throw some on your board today and point it won't be disappointed!

Venom's Description

All of us at Venom Racing USA are proud to announce Gangster Grip: the most thugnificient grip tape on the market. You get 3 10.5 x 12" pieces of rough grip tape and a gangster sticker sheet. Regrip all your boards so we get hood rich.


Great grip, doesn't stick over top other grip very well
on 2020-03-06 Verified Purchase
Great stuff. Like others say, use a blow dryer for better application. I have it folded over the toeside edge of the deck, and it has stayed put there with no other modification other than applying some heat. However, it does not stick over top of "stock" grip, even if it's fresh and clean. I ended up throwing some standard super glue (cyanoacrylate) on to keep it from peeling. If that doesn't work I will probably try some contact cement or a more pliable glue. I still give it five stars since it does what it is supposed to do, but there are better options (Mob super coarse comes to mind) if you want to throw it on top of other grip without adding an extra adhesive.
on 2018-07-29 Verified Purchase
Best grip tape for me
on 2017-11-17 Verified Purchase
Thanks por being efficent🤙🤙🤙
on 2017-03-08
Hella grippy waterproof, heat it up with a blow dryer for easy application
Its lit
on 2016-07-27 Verified Purchase
Good grip last long and stays sharp. The only problem is applying it. since its super thick its not flexible like mob or vicious. If you live in florids leave it sun a couple minutes if not use a heat blower