Mini Logo Premium Grip Tape Clear - 10.5" Width

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Mini Logo Premium clear longboard skateboard grip tape is great for all types of applications. You can slap a piece on your friends wilderbeast of an arm and watch him scream and yell while he pulls off all his hair. Put a 6 foot piece of Premium Longboard skateboard grip tape on the bottom of a water slide and watch everyone run to their mommies with rashes for days. You can even use it on your longboard skateboard deck for better traction. Super grippy and gticky too. We use only the best grip tape at

Mini Logo's Description

Mini Logo Premium clear grip tape features a blend of silicon carbide grit sizes to optimize grip and durability, and sticks well in all weather conditions. It is top rate grip tape at a price way below industry norms. Top performance, consistent quality and a price you can bank on.


Thank you Scott & Pablo for fixing my order quickly
on 2020-04-29 Verified Purchase
Sierra’s birthday present, now complete. #Muirskate Thank you Scott & Pablo for fixing my order quickly; I was able to get this done in time for her birthday#.. to all my skate people, please buy from them!! They will absolutely treat you right!!! Clear grip tape, new Zealous bearing, sweat, my time & lots of love went into her board.
on 2016-08-27 Verified Purchase
I got this to put in the middle of my board, between more course grip, it's very transparent so you can see logo, stickers, writing etc pretty good trough it. Not course at all. Children-friendly grip.
Mini Logo is super logo
on 2015-12-18 Verified Purchase
A great griptape, clearest among all other clear grip in the market. I can see the longboard graphic (rayne future killer) really well and a good amount of grip no less then other coarse grip tape like vicious or blood organe. And much durable than one of the coarse that I mentioned above!!!!
Great Stuff
on 2015-07-06 Verified Purchase
Easy to apply, nice and grippy. Everything i could've ever expected