Blood Orange - Purple Heavy Duty Grit 11" Width Grip Tape

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Blood Orange griptape was designed for durability, strength, and maximum grip while your skating. The extra-thick PVC backing doesn't pile under your feet, even in high temperatures.

Tacky, but not overly grippy, you will love Blood Orange griptape whether you're freeriding racing. Throw some on your board today and point it won't be disappointed!

Blood Orange's Description

Along with our riders input, we developed a heavy-duty super-coarse grit for maximum traction. Tacky, but not overly grippy, you will love Blood Orange Griptape under your feet whether you’re freeriding or racing.
Available in 7 colors to customize your ride
Refined, ultra-sharp grit for superior traction
Specially-coated surface for long-lasting durability
Extra-tacky thin backing allows for edge wrapping, if that's your game
Increased grit-size for added control
Non-toxic and Earth-friendly
Packs include 4 10"x11" sheets


heavy duty is right
on 2018-11-22 Verified Purchase
I did not really think about the heavy duty, it is pretty crazy thick. I feel very stuck to the board on it. Pretty cool and it is a good purple, not too light or dark.
Normal img 4649
on 2017-03-20
Best colored grip tape by far, that's what gets the four stars. But two things: This stuff is extremely difficult to get a consistent cut on, and the white adhesive sheet the grit sits on is a little unappealing. I would've prefered it to be the same color as the grit.
Ayyye purple.
on 2016-02-22 Verified Purchase
Sooper purple and grippy af. Y'all need some new rubba bands tho. Snapped and got me in the eye. Luckily for YOU I was already wearing my Zealous glasses.
Normal cornerpic3
Can't complain
on 2015-09-17 Verified Purchase
Some very colorful, grippy griptape for the perfect design or just to add a bit of color.