Sector 9 Field Bag

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  • Length (in): 52"
  • Width (in): 11.25"
  • Height (in): 9.0"
$134.95 USD

Sector 9 the Field Bag has created a travel bag designed specifically for longboarders and all the gear we tend to carry when we travel. No longer will we have to snap our helmets to our backpacks or disassemble our skateboards to make them fit into our luggage.

The Field Bag fits everything you could think to carry with you. A sick feature unlike other board bags the Field Bag can fold up into a backpack...Sector 9 knows whats up!

Sector 9's Description

Color: BLUE

100% Polyester
100% Metal Buckles
100% Nylon Straps

Convertible from travel bag to back pack
Removable inner carrying case
Removable straps for multiple configurations
Inner board straps for securing boards
Outer board straps for easy transporting
Helmet pouch
Inner mesh storage pockets
Outer zippered pockets
Heavy duty metal zippers
Metal double D-ring strap adjustments

Inner Case: 17.0? x 11.0? x 7.5?
Dimensions: 52.0? x 11.25? x 9.0?


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