Sector 9 Downhill Division Boxer Slide Gloves + Palm Pucks

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$69.95 USD

Styled with a simple design and a slim profile, Sector 9's Boxer Slide Gloves are intended for those of us who don't like to rip the skin off our hands while riding our favorite hills.

The reinforced rubber fingertips help you grip your board when grabbing rail or hitting kickers, plus it will help protect your fingers every time they touch the pavement.

The Boxer slide gloves are designed with a built-in 3mm vibration foam pad to save your palms from those unexpected falls and the top of the gloves are designed with polyester to keep your hands cooler in the summer months, so they'll be snug at first but after they've been worn for a session or two they'll be nice and comfortable and broken in to your hand.

The Boxers hard carbon fiber knuckle guards will also give you that extra protection where you need it.

Lastly, the Ergo pucks are another innovation intended to make finding proper contact with the ground a little bit easier.

Please use the sizing chart from Sector 9 (in the product images) to find the appropriate size for your paws.

Sector 9's Description


50% Leather
10% Polyester/ 10% Neoprene/ 15%Spandex/ 15% Other
Delrin Ergo pucks
Carbon fiber knuckle guards
Leather palm and glove underside
3mm vibration foam on palm
Rubber reinforced fingers & thumb
Neoprene wrist guard
Velcro Closure


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Top Notch
on 2016-01-07
These gloves are are top notch. Knuckle and side guards prevent torn gloves, and leather and neoprene keep your hands warm in the winter. I wear these on the ride to school in the winter, even when I'm only on my cruiser. The Ergo pucks have a smooth slide once broken in, but wear down easier than most pucks. The Thick rubber fingertips are very forgiving for when your fingers drag, they grip slippery boards and are sure to last long. One quick note is that when I had a super rainy sesh, my fingers were stained grey after for about a day. Overall these glove gnarly, high quality and a great buy. By the way I forgot to mention, they look super rad due to the CARBON FIBER!
on 2015-07-29 Verified Purchase
Very durable and comfy, highly recommended them